Tips On Starting Labour

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Julie Hammond - September 8

Has anyone got any good tips for starting labour before having to either be induced or have a section??


Minela - June 9

I just went to the Dr today and he said having s_x and walking would help out nature's little process.


Angela - June 12

Also I undestand nipple stimulation is a big help for some reason, although they don't know or say why or how much. Walking and dancing about and anykind of pelvic motion with the aid of good old gravity seems a common suggestion. This is my firstt pregnancy too, so I don't know for sure what will work for me if anything. I am eager to get on with it though as I am sure you are too. Good luck.


megan - June 18

I heard putting a really hot heating pad on your back works


sara - June 19

try having plenty of s_x


Melissa - June 19

Your baby knows when to come, even if you are overdue. If you are more than 2 weeks late, than most doctors will start taking induction. Petocin is very widely used to start contractions. AVOID this at all costs, it causes a very unpleasant, hard labor and is very unatural. I do speak from experience. You can also opt for your waters to be broken, this sometimes starts contractions if you are ready. Otherwise, have lots of s_x, take long walks every day, and let your baby do what it already knows how to do. Be born!


Kelly - June 22

I am a firm believer that when the baby is ready labor will start on its own. The prostagladins in s____n are the same used to soften the cervix (hope on a rope)at the hospital. S_x is a good call to help jump start. I had my water break with my first born after having s_x (with orgasm). Although he was due in 3 days, it may or may not have been induced through orgasm/s_x.


anonymous - June 27

Nipple stimulation contracts the uterus which is a wonderful reason for b___stfeedingbut thats after gicving birth obviously. the more you stimulate the nipples the more it'll work. Also oragasm's thry worked for me twice. So I'm going to do that again this time but it does have to be a powerful one toi help.


angel - July 10

I was told eating oysters will trigger labor,so with my 1st son I ate oysters that night and had him at 6:39 in the morning, with my second son I ate oysters that night and had him at 6:31 in the morning and now that I am 7 months pregnant and when I feel like I want to deliver I am going to eat me some oysters and hopefuly break a record on having a 6:30 baby.


kitten - July 17

im 39 weeks pregnant and i was told i was dialating so i thought that i would help the process. so i walked alot and i ate spicey food, drank castor oil and yes it does make you go to the bathroom but an hour after i started losing my mucus plug and having contractions and alot of pain so i dont know i guess theses things work.


liz - August 2

im induced on thursday, but i prefer to go in labor before thursday without being induced


simone - September 8

im 38 weeks and im drinking rasberry tea it hasnt had a affect yet but who nos u shud drink 3 cups A DAY BUT IM DRINKIN MOOR TRY s_x GET AS MUCH AS U CAN COZ U WILL MISS IT AFTER U BABY IS BORN GUD LUK XX


AUDREYANN VELLA - September 18



leanne - September 20

i have herd hot curries,camline tea,s_x,but i have tryed all this and nothing but it might work for you


Emma G - September 27

I had s_x and not 1 hour later i went into labour!! After 5 hours i had a baby girl. Get trying girl!



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