Tips To Lower Chance Of Episiotomy

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Aliya - December 11

does anyone have tips on how an episiotomy can be avoided? I've heard massaging the perineum during the pregnancy may help.


Sabrina - December 11

Do your Kegels everyday. The stronger the v____al muscles are, the better they stretch. You should be able to hold it for 20 seconds at a time, with 4-5 reps.


Lisa - December 15

One thing i learned after having 4 kids is...when they say don't push, then DON'T push!!


Christine - December 16

LOL...Lisa..but that is true...


Andrea - December 17

lol, so true. i did my kiegels and all that but my daughter was huge, 14cm head and 9lbs. I'm only 5'4" so you better believe I had one. It was actually no biggie, they give you local anesthesia and you don't even feel it. Honestly its better they cut it than for it to tear, it'll take less time to heal if they do it. good luck.


Donna - January 6

I had a episiotomy with my first child, and I am now pregnant with my second child. I was in pain for about a year after my episiotomy and swear that I will do anything to avoid it this time. The healing was a horrible experience. I heard that it is unusual for pain to continue for as long as it did for me, but be aware that it can happen. My Doctor recommended strectching the v____a everyday after the 35th week begins. She said to get your partner to help and to lie on your back and allow your partner to use his fingers and pull down on your v____a until in burns, and hold it for 20-30 seconds. She said that this will help a great deal when it comes to delivery. I will not be able to tell you how well it works until my baby is born in May. Wish me luck! And good luck to you!


Stephanie - January 24

I am due to have my second baby in May too, I experienced alot of pain because of a perineal tear+ episiotomy and of the whole labour having an episiotomy or tearing again is my worst fear. I was wondering if you have one episiotomy are you pretty much gauranteed to have another, and also will perineal ma__sage be any benefit the second time around?


JenA - January 31

Perineal ma__sage with primrose oil, which is available in capsules that can be popped open (like vitamin E). Dilute with another oil - almond or apricot kernel work well. This is also a very good way to get Dad involved in the physical experience of pregnancy - my husband knows it is his job, and he takes it quite seriously. Often times we have to talk through anything stressful on either of our minds before we can work on the ma__sage, it really takes a lot of calm trust and focus.



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