Tired Frustrated And Confused

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Nissa - March 10

hi, I love this site..anyway for more than a week I've walked around 3 cm dilated, very very strong contractions in my cervix as well, sort of a ripping strong pinch there when my uterus contracts, the pain is everywhere.. but they are not regular. My back pressure is beyond with cramping etc. for a week now. I had my membranes swept, stripped whatever and I lost the plug, Ive had a show and went to the hospital and was having pains 8 minutes apart and my baby's heartbeat was at 188!!!!! Usually her heartbeat is around 140.. so this alarmed me and they monitored her for an extra half hour to make sure she was ok.. she was, her heart rate settled into 144 or so.. so I went home because my cervix didnt change in the hour they had me walking. They expectd me back in a few hours though but nope it all faded away again. Last night, pains severe enough to go back in but not at all regular but enough to almost double me over ( if I didnt haev this big belly Im sure I would have been). So, finally they went from 9-11 minutes to 5 to 25 and I got to sleep and was awakened again periodically. now, all morning nothing AT ALL. Monday I go for my regular appt and the doctor said he would help it along. What ever that means..he already did the sweep so I dont imagine he means that. My due date is the 17th of March but supposedly Ive had prodomal labour whatever that is and I am already to 3 almost 4 cm, WHY arent they doing something now I wonder to get this going? or are they being wise in just letting this go on on its own?? GRRRR.. just needed to vent again.!!! Thanks for reading... anyone else had a looooong drawn out early phase??


Sarah - March 12

I know EXACTALLY how you feel. With my second baby I felt like I was going to go into labor at any point for a whole week. Then I finally started some contractions and we headed to the hospital around 3-4 in the morning. Well lucky me... they stopped by the time we got to the hospital and was sent home at 4cm and 90%. I was so mad! I had bad contractions on and off and couldn't sleep for two more nights before my water broke. Happy me... the actual active labor only took about an hour. We're having the same problem with my current pregnancy.... without the painful contractions. We spent all the other night in the hospital with even the nurses agreeing that I was gonna have the baby only to be sent home as contractions stopped. My advice.... relax as much as possible. Pamper yourself and don't expect much of yourself as though you were stuck at home with a bad flu bug. If you've got other kids try and get someone to come help with them or see if they can stay with friends for the night. Don't stress yourself.... Good luck!



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