To Ashlie Who Had A Natural Birth

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LU - November 21

Hi, Ashlie. Saw you on another post. I am trying to find out about natural birth. How did you deal with the pain? Are you satisfied with the experience? Was it your first baby? Did you have good support during delivery? Did you have to fight with the doctor about anything? Thanks for answering in advance! Anyone with an unmedicated birth story, feel free to jump in, too.


Michelle - November 22

Sometimes there is just no time for drugs, in which case you go natural! I think you find your own way to deal with pain, and its really hard to plan for. Find your way of breathing through the contractions. Soaking in a tub is great before labour too..helps you relax. My doctor only came for hte actual delivery, so no fighting, but with the nurses, just getting their attention when you feel you need it is stressful. But one way or another, the baby is coming, so no matter what happens, keep in mind it will be over soon! Good luck.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

I just had my first baby 3 months ago with no medication. I wanted to do it that way because I have had so many procedures medically, I did not want any drugs or needles that were not necessary. Plus, I believed it was better for my body and the baby. I went in without any childbirth cla__ses, ignorance is bliss, knowing that meds were available if I changed my mind. The nurses were so supportive, and really helped me focus on breathing and managing pain. My husband also did awesome coaching and encouraging, knowing it was my choice to go natural. I am very happy about my birth experience. It was intense, for lack of a better word, but I was so able to be in tune with my body. I did beg for drugs but not until it got to the point where I was going too fast and they would not do me any good anyway. Just concentrating on breathing and getting thru one contraction at a time was how I did it. When it came time to push, my son was out in 5 minutes, as I was able to just go with my body. Afterwards, I felt great. I only needed two st_tches and was walking around in a few hours. If it is something that you are interested in, keep an open mind. But if you change your mind, do not feel bad, it is different for everyone! Good luck! Oh, and the pain really does go away as soon as the baby comes out. it gives you a light at the end of the tunnel!


Lu - November 22

Thanks, Michelle and Rachael. Very encouraging and helpful info. Rachael, after the whole thing, you are still satisfied with not taking a cla__s? Did you do a lot of readingin preparation?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 23

I was glad I did not take a cla__s. I heard from so many people that you don't learn too much more than you already know, and when you are inactive labor, you remember nothing anyway. I was not sorry I didn't take a cla__s. I'm more of a 'wing it' kind of person anyway. I read a few pregnancy books. I found "The mother of all pregnancy books" to have a lot of great info for the whole pregnancy. But nothing can totally prepare you for the actual labor!


Lu - November 23

Wow! Rachael, you are the first person I have ever heard discuss this view. I think our society really scares us into desperation. Do you think it would have been much more difficult without your husband's support during labor? My husband is a big question mark in that department.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 23

Well, my husband is very supportive normally but I did not know how he would react in that situation and he far surpa__sed my expectations once we were there. He never left my side and just kept telling me how proud he was of me and how great I was doing. It probably would have been a lot more difficult if he had not supported me so, but the labor nurse was awesome and supportive and just kept telling me how to breathe too. So I would definitely do it again! If you can listen to the nurse guide you how to control the pain instead of it controlling you, it helps. I will not lie, it hurts like nothing else though!


monica - November 23

I decided to use a midwife and have no medication due to no insurance-it saved me $700. I didn't take any cla__ses just mentally prepared myself and had a sister and husband and midwife to help me through the whole thing. The worst part for me was the pressure at a 9 and not being able to push for an hour or so. We walked and did many positions and got plenty of ma__sage and listen to celtic music. When i finally started pushing he was out within 10-15min. Most of the experience was good but after he came out, he was a month early and had trouble breathing and i began to bleed after delivering the placenta. He went to nicu and they worked on me for 45 min to an hour and it was extremely painful i got two shots in my legs and different nurses with there hands shoved in me and pushing very hard on my abdomen from the outside to get my uterus to contract. It finally got better. But they told me the pain went away right after and in my case it wasn't true. My experience wasn't quite normal i don't think. So good luck and don't mind if you do use medication.


LU - November 24

Wow! Monica, that sounds really frightening. I'm glad everything turned out okay for you! Congratulations on your baby.How long was your labor and is this your first baby?


Stephanie - November 24

I didn't take any cla__ses either and it's refreshing to hear another woman saying what I've been feeling! Everyone is always shocked when I tell them my husband and I opted to not take cla__ses. From what I've heard, you forget it all anyway and that if you do enough research on your own, you'll be all set.


Lynn - November 24

I took bradley cla__ses and learned a lot, but nothing that I couldn't have learned from just buying a couple of books on the Bradley Method or natural childbirth.


monica - November 24

it was scary but everything is good now. That was my second pregnancy and i'm almost six weeks into my third with a 7month old and a 3 yr old. I went to the hospital around 4pm and was already a 4 from dialating about a 1cm a week and had him just before midnight, luckily the painful part was only about 3 or 4 hours.


LU - November 25

Have any of you had both a natural and a medicated birth? I am wondering how they compare. Is it harder to go natural for the first than for later babies?


monica - November 25

my first child was with an epideral. It was mostly pain free and i pushed her out in 15min. A good experience but you can't move anywhere. I don't think it matters which child is natural. The second, natural delivery, i was up and around and liked that.


Lu - November 26

Monica, are you having another, which way would you do it next time?


monica - November 26

lu, i haven't decided yet. I might use meds because of the problems i had after delivery. With meds was less stressful and very calm. So i don't know yet-i'm not due until july 23. I like having the experience of both.


Ashley - November 30

I'm planning a home birth in Feb. My husband and I took a cla__s - but it was taught by a midwife and had very little to do with breathing, ect. It really helped my husband, I think, there was only two other couples and both of the other dads were first timers and I think the dads asked most of the questions! :)



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