To Late To Change Doctors

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mm - November 9

This is my first pregnancy and I am 33 weeks pregnant with twins. I do like my doctors but I have seriously been thinking about getting a midwife instead.I have been told that I might have my babies delivered by a doctor that I have never met and this really scares me. I DO NOT want a episiotomy and I am afraid that I will end up with one or have a c-section that I am unsure about getting as well.I live on a military base and I feel it is not a very personal office and I feel like a number.Is it to late to change doctors and get a midwife instead?


Alissa - November 9

My husband was in the military and they wouldnt let us change doctors for anything. Our base might be different then ours but they didnt seem to really care about the way the treated us and stuff so i dont know if they will let you or not but its always worth a try. Good luck to you


I did it - November 11

GO FOR IT! It's not too late. I know nothing about the military situation but just last week, at 33 weeks exactly I changed to a midwife for the exact same reasons you want to. On my way down to the first appt. I second-guessed myself, but afterwards I felt SO GOOD about my decision. And I think it's a good thing that I saw a doctor for the first 6 months. I had asked the nurse at my original clinic about a midwife and she claimed that they no longer existed. I had to get out of there. So please look in to it and good luck.


mama-beans - November 11

The base can't force you to use their doctors. if you want a midwife and can pay for one, then go for it! You should be comfortable.


a - November 13

I changed providers at 30 wks but I just went to another doctor. I don't know much about midwives but was wondering if they are qualified to handle c-sections or any other delivery complications (which hopefully won't arise). I've heard that with twins you need more expert help since you can't be sure if one of them is not going to be breech. Best of luck to you!


JD - November 14

If you feel uncomfortable then change. I did at around 28 weeks. I promise you, it was the best thing i ever done. Right now I am 37 weeks & I absolutely love my doctors. The place I was goin to before treated me like a number, constantly lied to me, & wouldn't tell me my child's s_x. All that is different with my new doctors. You know the saying "Change is good". So if you feel that you should change, then do it. It could make the world of difference.



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