To Lisa

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Bonnie - October 22

Hiya, I just wondered if any news yet? I know you were due Saturday. :)


lisa - October 22

i lost a big blob of plug last night and had diorreha but nothing today, ahghhhh, thanks for asking though


sian - October 22

hey lisa im due the same day as in labour!!!(sorry dont mean to brag) i also lost some plug lastnight and a big bit today, waters were leaking and now having contractions every 5-10 minutes!im soo excited.hopefully you'll go soon too!


lisa - October 23

hey sian, really pleased for you, and jelous, but ive been having period type pains, feel sick, and hoping things move on, please let me know how you are


Bonnie - October 23

Good luck ladies!


jamie - October 23

So is it most common to go into labor shortly after losing your plug? I lost mine this morning and have had about 4 contractions, very spiratically. I know it can be days, but just curious aobut what is most common. B/c w/ my daughter, I lost my plug and was in the hospital by the next day.


Jamie - October 23

OH, and I took castor oil yesterday at about 1pm...


sian - October 25

Lisa - i had period pains for weeks, but i felt sick for about 4 days and very lethargic then when i came on here last i was having contractions but werent coming very close together.i went into hospital again about 7:00pm and was already 4cm dilated.contractions then started coming on strong!my labour was 2hrs 45mins-he weighed 8lb 4oz. please let me know how your doing and if youve had your baby yet!


lisa - October 25

sian, im really happy for you, what s his name and do you have any photos on the net??? im still here, nothing happening, just given up now, midwife is doing a sweep in 2 hours so cross your fingers ill go suddenly into labour and have this baby tonight or tommorow!!! been having s_x to try get things going but i really dont enjoy it at the mo!!


lisa - October 25

and sian, thanks for asking about me, i kindof feel alone now as nearly everuone has gone from the oct countdown!


Cora - October 25

Lisa....I am still hanging in there with All though I was told yesterday that I may be induced today or tomorrow. Started with the intense cramping, and contractions last night. Losing lots of mucous plug as well. Looks like we're pretty much the last ones to go eh?


sian - October 27

Lisa-his name is Matthew i dont have any photos on the net, i want to but dont know how to do had any signs of labour coming yet?hopefully next time i come on here you'll be saying 'i had my baby'!!!well goodluck with everything!



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