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To NY mama - March 5

Hello. I have a question for you please? This is my second pregnancy. With my first, I had no pains or anything up until i went into labor. I also knew when I was in labor. This time around, I have had feelings I am gonna have her early. Have had few false alarms now, but still feel I will have her early. 32 weeks here, and still having some crampy feelings and had some diahrea yesterday and some today so far. Had a big burst of energy this past week and cleaned everything and worked on babys room, then friday come and i was exhausted. Now havin these crampy pains and diahrea, I still think i will have her early, but after few false alarms, i do not know if my head is tryin to play tricks on me or something. Lost my mucous plug two weeks ago and cervix is soft. Just because the cervix is soft, does that mean i am effaced any? The doc did not say if i was effaced. she just said that cervix was soft. I am clueless right now.


jg - March 6

I'd go get checked out if I were you. As you would know 32 weeks is too early to go into labour without being in a hospital that can deal with a premmie, and if you are starting labour, they may be abe to stop it. So to be on the safe side go to your Dr and see what they say. Let us know how you go. Good luck!!


Amy - March 6

Hello, well i had the pains pretty bad last night so i called the ob and the nurse told me to try laying down on my left side and take some tylenol. It really did not help that much but i was able to sleep a lil bit. I got up this morning and had two pains and that was it. Nothing else all day long. I dont know what was going on lol. And I am 33 weeks, i am sorry for the misprint. Anyhow, hopefully it was just a bh contractions. If I start gettin them again, before friday, I will prolly go in and have it checked out. Friday is my next appointment.


Nissa - March 7

HI amy, I had the same thing 5 weeks ago when I was 33 weeks pregnant. I had to be admitted to the hospital and given steroids because they found out my cervix was shortened. They told me to lie on my side and drink lots of fluids and to go no where but from bed to the bathroom ( in hospital) because they wanted 24 hours of my contractions to slow down ( they werent even really uncomfortable just a lot of continuous pressure)so that I could have both doses of the steroids. So, the contractions eased off and I went home and had contractions on and off for the last 5 weeks. It's nervewracking to be in so much pain for so long but it's also nervewracking to not know what's going on. Even with irregular contractions, I would go get checked. 33 weeks is still too early for your baby to be born :( Good luck!


NY Mama - March 7

Well sounds like you and baby are ready to go any time. You have all the signs of earily pre-term labor, wich may or may not be a good thing, provided baby is ready. If baby is sick, he/she is going to come, if baby is ready he/she will come. For what ever reason youre baby comes earily, its just meant to be. You are effacing every time youre baby is moving down a little more. When you feel pressure on youre cervix, its baby moving down more and getting into position. I wonder, are you dropped at all? If you are 100 % effaced, it means baby can't get any lower without practically falling out. You can lose youre plug from 4 weeks, to right before labor starts. So while it does sound good for labor soon, it could take a week or two more, however, it seems even if it is a week or two more, you are still going to be a little earily. So Dr. may be doing tests on you and the baby, just to make sure that every thing is ok, and you and baby are not at any added risk. Good luck any how Honey. You will be holding a little bundle of joy soon. Congrats Mama.



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