To Those Drinking Green Tea To Induce Labor

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Chris - July 14

I was at doc's office today thumbing through a magazine. The article was about naturally inducing yourself. Since we talk about that so much here, i started reading. Found that a recent study showed that drinking green tea has been linked to causing spina bifada in babies. So to all you ladies who are trying this, maybe try going back to the s_x, nipple stimulation and walking and avoid the green tea. :)


Katharine - July 14

I read about that too. Sounds dangerous!


Chris - July 14

Here's an excerpt from an article ... ......research team also sound a note of caution. Epidemiological studies have linked high levels of green tea consumption by women, around the time of conception and in pregnancy, to an increased incidence of spina bifida and anencephaly. These are neural tube defects a__sociated with folic acid deficiency. (Folic acid is recommended as a food supplement for women trying to become pregnant and subsequently during pregnancy because it helps to protect against these defects). In green tea drinkers EGCG's antifolate activity would be expected to significantly decrease folic acid levels and minimise the positive effects of folic acid supplements. Thus this new research provides a possible biochemical explanation for the epidemiological link between heavy green tea drinking and an increased incidence of birth defects.


Jennifer - July 16

Just a comment since Spina Biffida would happen as the spine was forming in the early months of pregnancy how would drinking it to induce all of the sudden make spina biffida come to be the spine is done by the time you would be using the tea to induce labor. Just a question not trying to sound snobby at all just wondering though. As for other birth defects I know nothing of the green tea just wanted to know about the spina biffida.


Tulip - July 20

I was wondering what jennifer just said, too!


Chris - July 20

I dunno LOL That's a good question. I think maybe they put the article under the wrong topic (inducing) Maybe it should have just been there in "things to not do during pregnancy" Cuz you're right -- how would drinking it at the end cause that? BUT it still causes the lack of folic acids .... so .... at the end it can probably be a danger in another way.



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