To Those Who Have Given Birth Before

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becky - February 7 only 5 weeks pregnant but i was watching a lady giving birth on the net an it looks really painful.Which part hurts the most, the contractions or the baby coming out?


- - February 7

the baby coming out, but there are lots of pain-relief methods to choose from to help manage the pain.


L - February 7

the baby coming out hurts the worst. but eveything hurts, it is managable, and dont worry people have been coming into this world the same way for years. After that beautiful baby is born you'll forget everything within seconds. Enjoy.


char - February 7

im pregnant again this is the 7th time the pain for me is the contractions the pushing or baby coming out didnt really hurt


Lisa - February 8

The third stage of labour is definitely the most painful.


Christine - February 10

I agree..I'm having my third, the most painful part is when the baby is coming out...owwww...but yes like L said once she/he is out you forget it all..


BigBelly#2 - February 10

For me the most painful part was recovery!! This is due to having an intrathecal and not feeling the contractions after the meds kicked in and I didn't feel the baby coming out either. Recovery was not fun though.....I couldn't sit on a chair comfortably for weeks!


Janet - February 10

The recovery was the most painful for me also...I had an episiotomy & hemmorroids. I still cannot sit down right. I gave birth on 1/31/05 to a beautiful 8lb 2oz boy.


Kim - February 10

the good ol' ring of fire is what hurts the most....when your v____al stretches to it's max and you must push towards the pain.....that is called the ring of fire...I am on my third pregnancy an believe me it is the one thing I am not looking forward to


ca__s - February 11

for me, it was definitely the contractions that hurt the most, no doubt about it. especially the strong ones, just before you start to push. the baby coming out is more of a relief than anything. but everyone's different.


Maleficent - February 11

for me, contractions towards the end were most painfull. the actual pushing felt WONDERFUL. it hurt NOT to push. there are alot of options for pain management. talk to your dr about medication, a childbirth cla__s can really help too. and i totally agree, the second the baby is out it's like all the pain compleatly stops, like flipping a switch. it's all worth it in the end.



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