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carol23 - September 1

I have the WORSE toothache ever! It comes and goes. It's been especially worse these past few days. My gums have been hurting lots too lately. I wonder if this has anything to do with labor. I don't know how I will do if I have this toothache AND am in labor at the same time. Does anyone have any home remedies to help my tooth out even if its temp.?


little.momma - September 2

if your gums are sore and bleed when you brush your teeth there is mouthwash called cordasil you can buy from any supermarket (depending what country you are in) it has antiseptic tendancies and is recomended by dentists i have been using it as was told i had mild gingervitis (gum inflamation common in pregnancy) if you are still worried go see your dentist and you can get it on perscription and have him look at your tooth aswell, if you do not like dentists if you can get it try anbesol liquid it is cheap and available over the counter in most pharmacies


soon2bmomma - September 2

I had the worst infected tooth at 38 weeks. It was awful & the worst part was that it was keeping me up at night. After some convincing from hubby(who just couldn't take one more not of me sobbing)I went to the doc and got a prescription for penicillian. Although I was pretty disappointed to have to go on meds so late in the pregnancy, it helped so much & allowed me to get some sleep(well kinda...) I was constantly rea__sured that the penicillian would do no harm to baby & only help make me feel better....was due yesterday and still no baby...getting very anxious to hold our little munchkin in my arms!!


soon2bmomma - September 2

oh yes, I should mention that I tried every home remedy in the book before going to the doc. Rinsing with salt water, anbesol, ice, bushing to try and make my tooth bleed, mouthwash...although it gave me a little relief at first, it ended up causing me more irriation in the end


carol23 - September 2

It almost seems as though my tooth is playing games with me. It keeps me up at night. And the thing is that I can't go to the dentist because we just moved here and I still haven't been registered for the insurance. So I take it anbesol is O.K. during pregnancy? I know this tooth is infected and I worry that it'll somehow affect my baby. It's weird though cause it only hurts at night when I'm laying down. If I sit up for a few minutes, then it goes away. Then I lay back down and it comes back. booooooooooo. Anyway, thanks for the help ladies. I think I'm going to have to get some anbesol.


soon2bmomma - September 2

I understand your pain. It was the same for me as well. It is because when you are lying down the tooth & the infection is able to be drain. It is when the infection can't drain or has nowhere to drain that you feel the pain. Try anbesol, it's fine during pregnancy(check with your pharmacist just to feel better)...I was worried about the infection causing harm to my baby as well. When I was questioning my doc about penicillian he said that he would much rather see me on meds then have the infection spread, which it can...I truely hope you can find some peace with that nagging's the last thing we need, eh?? Good luck


holly marie humphrys - February 10

i am 10 weeks pregnant and have toothache .can i use anbesol?



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