Uncontrolable Shakes When In Labor

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Maggie - October 7

Why did I have uncontrolale shaking when i was in labor, my mouth chatterd my arms and legs were shaking all over, has anyone else had this before? i am going to be induced on monday with my second baby and im affraid of that shaking again.


LEANNE - October 7

I had terrible shakes in labour. I just couldn't keep my legs still for a single second ! Good luck !


M - October 7

Did you have pitocin before?


Maggie - October 7

No i dont even know what pitocin is?


Bonnie - October 7

Pit is what they induce you with. I've read that those shakes you get are normal and a lot of people get them, it's just part of labour. I haven't been through labour yet myself, it was just something I read that happens.


yup - October 7

got the shakes too, and boy was i freezing! i was also running a fever though so I a__sumed that what was making me shake like that. My husband thought it was hilarious because I kept trying to talk too.


nelly - October 8

I had this too I was shaking out of control and they said its normal and a lot of young mothers do it. I had her naturally no pain killers.


jessica - October 9

pitocin and a mix of epodural is what made me shake like that.


angie - April 20

yes. i had the shakes too. and was freezing aswell. i find this comes on after i get the epidural. plus, i get extremely itchy. anyone felt itchy aswell, with the epidural?


Bonnie - April 20

ROFL....too funny to see this thread. Look, I posted back in October! I had the baby in January and guess what....man ohman did I have those shakes. That was one of the worst parts, lol. I got induced with pitocin and had the epidural. Too funny to look back on my old post. ;)


jamiew - April 21

You arent really cold. You * think* you are cold. Its just the drugs that make you get the shakes. Not fun


luvmyboys - April 29

I had the shakes with my first baby, but I had no drugs whatsoever, it was a completely natural labor. I didn't with the other two.



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