Urgent I Am To Be Induced Tomorow Need Advice

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tamara - April 9

Good afternoon all, I received a call from the hospital and they have set up and appointment to induce me @ 7:45 am. They told me they are going to use prostaglandin gel and then I will have to wait a couple of hours and they might send me home only to return later in the afternoon for a second treatment. Have any of you ladies experienced this type of induction? And how effective is it?


Heather L - April 9

I did. I thought it was great!! I was two weeks overdue and only 1cm dilated. They put the gel on and within 15 minutes I started having contractions. I had my son a mere 8 1/2 hours after they put the gel on!!!!


luvmyboys - April 9

I am being induced tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. as well with the gel. Heather L, that is a very encouraging story, I hope that happens to me as well! I am 2 weeks over and maybe 1 cm dilated so this is very good news for me, as I really want to avoid having pitocin.


tamara - April 9

Thanks so much Heather, I have been a little stressed out over this whole thing since Wednesday. I had a lovely membrane sweep and was told I was only 1 cm dialated and then reading stories on this forum about Pitocin and putting stress on the baby and the dreaded C section was freaking me out!! Thanks so much I feel alot better. As for luvmyboys goodluck to you tomorrow!!


shelly22 - April 10

I was induced w/ the gel and was supposed to get pitocin in the morning. I got the gel at 7P.M and started having contractions right away. I got demerol at 9:30 because I was having lots of contractions, woke up at 10 because my water broke. I had my boy at 7:22 A.M. so a little over 12 hours after I got the gel. I was actually dialated to 10 at 4A.M, I pushed a long time!! I never ended up needing the pitocin, I did get an epidural around midnight so I didn't feel a thing!! Good luck!


Heather L - April 10

You're welcome! :) I am going to request the prostaglandin gel again this time IF I have to be induced. My second was induced as well....but they tried with Pitocin. It gave me some contractions all day....but I didn't dialate more than 1cm. They told me around 3 they would check me at 4 and if nothing changed they would send me home. *ugh* I decided I wasn't going home and BOOM, went into hard labour and had him by 8:48pm. :)


Kath - April 20

I am in the same boat as Tamara, I am to be induced on 26th April unless I go into labour naturally by then. The reason for this is that I will be 40 weeks by then and this baby is measuring large and they want to increase the odds the baby will be able to come out by itself, ie that is will fit through my pelvis. I have been reading horror stories about Syntocinon and Pitocen and also about how induction increases the odds of c section and other interventions. I am stressing big time also as I am GBS positive (Group b strep) which means I will need antibiotics in labour, I am Rhesus negative, and I have a single umbilical artery which supposedly in my case shouldn't be a worry as the baby appears healthy on ultrasounds and has grown very well.....but I am stressing badly due to all these factors. I also think I am nervous as I don't trust my body to do it as I think I still have issues about failure and loss of baby due to a miscarriage last year. Anyone got any tips about home remedies for going into labour by yourself? I am stressing about the induction.



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