Vaginal Birth How Sore Were You After Delivery

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Karen - April 18

Hi - I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (two weeks ago) and had a minor tear which was stiched. Just wondering how sore folks were following a va___al birth? I don't believe the area is infected as its not raw - but the pain and discomfort appears to be internal??? The tear is "within" my labia (sorry if tmi). I am going to talk with my midwife was so painful last night...could barely sit!


LoriAnn2994 - April 18

With my first pregnancy I did not tear at all but was very sore. I almost pa__sed out when I had to pee. It felt very raw inside. Try Sitting in a bath of salt water, it helped me. Warm water not hot. My doctor described the inside of my Vagina to be like road rash, very tender and irritated. It went away pretty quickly though. Keep an eye on your tempature to check for fever if you think that it may be infected. Those infections get serious fast. My Sister had to be re admitted for infection post parturm for IV meds.


Erin1979 - April 18

I sat in a warm bath with epsom salts at least once a day. I also sat with a pillow under me for about a month after having my dauhgter. Everything is still healing. I'd give it another week and you should be feeling much better.


sa__sifras - April 18

I had the easiest labor possible, pushed 3 times maybe, had an episiotomy and she was here! Then the drugs wore off and I wanted to die. I was in so much pain, it was probably about 2 weeks for me.....I don't think that men should give episiotomies, they don't know and will never know the pain a__sociated with it! This time around i will refuse one and hope for the best!


lindsay - April 18

it took everything i had to move myself in amd out of bed to get up tp tend to my baby for about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks


AmandaManns - April 18

I got lucky. I pushed for 2 hours and had to have my 10 lbs baby vacuumed out and also had a minor episiotomy. But I barely felt any pain. I only took meds for the first 24 hours and the nurses had to remind me to take them at that time. After the first day I was fine. The nurses were even amazed at how good I got around and my mom commented the day I got home and said that I didn't even act like I just gave birth, I honestly felt like I could run a marathon.


Karen - April 19

Thanks for the replies ladies! Its funny - I've known many women who became pregnant and gave birth but never really ever paid attention to the aftercare required...and now...boy if I had known better...would I have done this...Hahah!!! By the way - I only spent two nights in hospital only because I needed the extra night of sleep and in fact felt no pain with the tear...I too felt like a million bucks. The after phyisical effects followed after being home for a couple of days. Major hemmroids that required prescription ointment and then the tear began to irritate me only a few days ago and baby Kaelyn is now over 2 weeks old! And my right side of my tail bone becomes irritated if I have done too much. I was fooled into thinking that I would recover without difficulty...wrong! I can say that today I feel somewhat better - the hemmroids are down (thank god) and the tear doesn't seem to be too bad today. I took your advice ladies - found my epson salts and soaked in the tub! I so look forward to a full recovery! The minwife visits today so I will have her check my st_tches...there are only 2! And I'm going to ask what "degree" of tears I have. Thanks for the info - this forum is so great for support and info sharing.



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