Vaginal Pain During Delivery

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A - October 14

I am about 8 months pregnant and really scared of the whole labor and delivery experience. I have been having some pain and burning in the va___al area over the last couple of years, especially during s_x. Please, tell me how painful does it get down there from all the pushing and stretching when the baby starts coming out. Is the va___a the place where you feel most pain/discomfort or is it still in the stomach? Would an epidural help minimize the trauma to the vulva area or does it just handle contractions pain? PLEASE, answer if you know this. Thanks so much for your help!!!


Just me - October 14

I have 2 babies really close in age (11 months apart) and when I was in labor for both all the pain was still in my stomach. Pushing was actually a relief and it didn't hurt at all. That was just on me though everyone is different. Although I will warn you that if you have to have an epsiotomy or you tear, that will burn. And if your baby has hair its possible it can leave a scape on your inner v____a lips. That burns pretty bad especially when you pee. I hope I helped and good luck. Oh and the epidural should make you completely paralized from the waist down so you should not have any pain in your vulva area unless it wears off.


nelly - October 15

I agree with Just me, I was having my daughter narurally it was to late for an epidural and the pushing was a relief, it was burning but in my bottom, it did not stay sore at all. The epidural numbs from the waist down so all you will feel down there is pressure.


C - October 15

It's too hard to say because everyone feels something different. I had an epidural but I pushed for 3 hours. I had an episiotomy and that burned. 24 hours after I had him I felt 80% better. And a few days later I was like-- I could do this again (after swearing during labor I'd never have anohter one). You'll be fine. Now my son is 5 months and I can't even describe a contraction. I just remember it hurt really bad in my back. You just have to have the att_tude == whatever happens, happens. You can't stress over it because your baby will be coming out of you somehow someway!


A - October 15

Thank you SO MUCH ladies for your responses! I see what you are saying- my childbirth cla__s instructor says that we should try to relax as much as possible b/c more tensing up leads to more pain and it could get into a vicious cycle... I guess for me it's easier said than done but I will certainly try my best not to stress too much....



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