Vaginal Vs Caesarean Birth

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jenny - July 30

anyone been through both and which would you 36 weeks,put on 20 kgs,swollen and sore.trying to self induce as doc not agreeable for c/s


jen - July 31

have only had a c-section. it was an emergency so may have been worse than a planned but i have no idea why anyone would voluntarily put themselves through this. i am due in 2 days and am really hoping for a natural birth this time. you are back up and walking around the same day whereas the wound from a c-section takes weeks to heal properly. you are out of action for about 6 weeks, couldnt even pick up my own baby, had to have him handed to me. just really didnt have a good experience. maybe i was an exception but i am quite scared of this birth ending up the same way. fingers crossed!


Lisa - July 31

I have never had a c/s, but my natural birth was even better than my epidural birth. With both I was fine the next day, but with natural I really didn't care about any of the st_tches or hemeroids compared to the pain of childbirth. It hurts, but it is so worth it. You can feel your body getting ready to bring this beautiful baby into the world. Also, if you go natural, your doctor works a lot faster. lol


michelle. - August 23

jenny,just wondering which method you chose,if you still read this.I have had 2 children.1st was v____al,it was terrible so much pain.Its true when the baby is there you forget the pain,tried the epidural but it did'nt take.The 2nd was by c-section,much better,felt no pain during birth,felt uncomforatable but tolerable afterwards.As I say women forget their pain after but I did'nt,I would rather have a more controlled birth,If I have another then it would be a c-section without doubt.


mandy - August 25

I have been writing on these lists,and like to know the same as you,the answers are so diverse,from not choosing a c-section because its major surgery and complications can arise,to,being much better than a v____al birth.Jenny,what did you decide?


marcie - September 2

I think for you,choose a cesarean birth.I have had both,it is painful after a cesarean,but tolerable,especially with the drugs,with labour things happen so fast,yet take so long,you are in so much pain,and people say its natural,well so is other illnesses but you take medication for that...go for the op.


hi - September 4

v____al's recovery time is way less than c section.they are both painful but with v____ally you face your pain upfront and move on.c section you face it later and longer.


marcie - September 6

they say a v____al birth once the baby is there the pain is over,not in my case I had tears and could hardly move,and the pain you go through when you are in labour did not feel natural to me,everything being pulled apart,the epidural did not take,having to sit still when a contraction was coming,I'd rather have been cut in 1/2 at the time.If I were go,for the c-section,,ok the recovery is renowned for being longer,but at least its on your own terms,you can pace yourself.


charlotte. - September 8

any more input on this leading question? Whichever way you have it there will be pain,either before of afterwards.Those who have had good v____als will say that way,others will say the other way.good luck.


to charlotte - September 13

Charlotte,that is exactly how I feel,whoever has a good experience will say that way is the best.I know they say you will forget the pain of labour,but it put me so off I never did have another child,just the one.I had my sister holding one leg,b/friend the other,it felt as if they were pulling my legs apart,I love my daughter,of course I do,but realistically,I never knew her before I was pregnant,all these people saying its worth it when you have the baby,at the time I wished the baby died and disolved into soup,if that had happened back then I would have been guilty at being pleased,how people go natural I don;'t know,never never again.Maybe a c-section is better,but there are complications and its major surgery.


Kimberly - September 13

I had an emergency c-section. It was miserable. I could actually feel them cutting--my epidural wasn't done properly. After it I got an infection in my incision, which is VERY common. It made b___stfeeding more challenging, and you aren't allowed to drive for at least 2 weeks. I still have problems with scar tissue. I didn't get to hold my babies for 8 hours--my husband got to be with them, I was in a room by myself throwing up. It is also really important to remember that once you have a c-section, you have to fight for a natural birth. Natural is SO much better for both your baby and you. Babies can be cut during a c-section, and there are many complications that can occur with you as well. Babies born by c-section are at higher risk for respiratory problems at birth and throughtout their childhood. I am 37 weeks, and have found a hospital that will let me have a vbac, but there is a lot more red tape because of my prior c-section. Vaginal birth may be more painful initally, but it is pain with a purpose, it is better for your baby, and your recovery will be smoother!


mandy - September 19

so many different opinions here.The trouble with a natural birth it appears,all very well saying its pain with a purpose,but thats it,no going back.A section seems like you can guide yourself over the pain,not be guided by how quick the baby is coming,and if things don't progress you have a section anyway.


marcie - September 21

mandy,you are right in your comments,well said.If I had another baby I would choose a repeat c-section,knowing the birthday,when it will come,share in the birth and then the post-op is fine,just have to take things more slowly,which to me is perfect,that way you can spend more time with your baby,and others help,c-sections are great.


cindy - September 23

how easy is it to get an elective c-section,I thought about going to canada,cannot understand why more women do not try this.


HH - September 24

It sounds to me like your personality could be part of the equation. Many of the ladies who preferred c/s mentioned their desire for control and meeting expectations, no surprises. The go-with-the flow gals are okay with letting nature do what it does and get on with it. I happen to believe that v____al is better for the baby- squeezes the fluid out of the lungs, for example. I also want to be a ble to enjoy my baby fully and not be unable to bend. That said, I haven't had a baby before!! Good luck to everyone!


Fiona - September 25

Hi there, I had a long labour with my daughter and it ended in a c/section. i am now 30 weeks pregnant with number 2 and i am desperate to have v____al birth. I experienced 20+ hours of labour and the c/section and I would encourage you that the recovery of a c/section is a major set back! I found it hard to do anything with my little girl for a long time and could not get out of bed to even lift her when she cried. Hope this provides you with a bit of encouragement to give it a go - and don't worry I hear that the big babies are actually easier to push out that the small ones! fiona x


carrie - September 26

I just has a section,it was wonderful,



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