VBAC Or C Section

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LeoPrincess815 - January 10

Congratulations to all who have already had their babies. I hope everyone is recovering well. I am new to this site. I'm due on January 22nd with my second, it's a girl: Breanna Elizabeth who has an older brother Sean Ruben, who will be 2 on February 6th. Although only 38 week and 2 days, I have been experiencing a lot of braxton hicks the last 3 weeks, mild to moderate lower back pain/cramping for 3 days, and am now spotting. They get strong and very painful to where I can't even talk while having one. Although this is my second pregnancy, it will be my first (if all goes well) va___al delivery. Because I am over weight and had a really bad recovery from my last C-Section, my doc recommends that I try a VBAC...BUT, at the same time tells me that the chances of my uterus bursting during delivery is much higher than normal because of all the complications I had the first time, along with my weight factor. (After my C-Sec I fell gravely ill with infection (fever, violent shakes/convulsions, hallucinations, etc). Even while on high doses of antibiotics, the incision bursted 2 weeks later and the doc had to keep the wound open for an entire month and a 1/2, ripping it back open 2-3 times a week to allow it to drain). I am EXTREMELY excited about my daughter being born. I am also worried about having to make this decision. My risk is high EITHER way. I NEVER want to experience what I did with the birth of my son but I DO NOT want to risk anything happening to my daughter. I simply do not know what to do. As of now I am waiting for my due date to come and then (hopefully) use my instincts to determine. In the meantime I simply cannot focus on much else. My doctor tells me that I will have an Epidural and he will have a surgical staff on duty along with blood ready for a transfusion in case anything goes wrong. Regardless, I have purchased a life insurance policy, just in case. Has anyone else had the VBAC/C-Section dilemma?? If so, how did you determine your decision? Any complications??? Any input would really help. Thanks, ElizaBeth


mikan - April 22

You are very brave to have another child after your experience! I hope to God everything went well. I have a similar dilemma and feel pretty frightened. Please do let us know how things went.



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