Very Big Problem Please Help

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Liss - October 25

Hi this is my first pregnancy and i am 36 weeks along. I keep having contractions and they hurt really bad but my husband doesnt want to go to the hospital because he thinks that if my water breaks and im hurting really bad to the point im crying then we should go but these contractions just feel weird. What do i tell him to convince him that i do think this might be the real thing


Christy - October 26

Hi....Firstly, you shud tell him tat water does NOT break for everybody....some wemen go into labor and water is broken by the nurse/doc at the hospital..also, if ur contractions occur at interval of 5-6 minutes or less, u shud call the doc immediately. in some ppl labor progressses slowly..but its really fast in some ppl....each pregnancy is unique..Gud Luck with ur baby.


krystal - October 26

You should trust your instincts. I have had three children and my water never broke on it's own, it always had to be broken. Once at 10cms!! And for labor, when i went in labor with my six week old the doc told me that my contractions weren't doin anything even though they were five mins apart and i was dialated to 3. She told me to go home and come back when my water broke and my contractions were regular. i live an hour away so i didnt dare to go home just in case the baby came fast b/c this was my third. i stayed at my aunts house for the rest of the day b/c she lives 10 mins from the hospital. that evening, my contractions were really strong but my water still had not broken and they were not regular. They were coming anywhere between 3-11 mins apart. the weird thing was that they did not hurt in my stomach as they did with my first two. I could only feel them in my hips. So i decided to go back to the hospital hoping that i was maybe 5 cms so i could get an epidural because i had not slept at all in 2 nights. When i got there i was dialated to an 8!! If i had listened to the doctor i would've had the baby at home because neither one of the things she told me to wait for happened and i would've been an hour away compared to 10 mins. Better to be safe than sorry.If you feel you should go get checked then you should.


NG - October 26

HI LIss, I felt no pain during the first satge of labor and it was lucky my midwife turned up to check on me at home because I was 8cm dialated and just about ready to burst, she bnroke my waters and we rushed to the labor ward. I think TV and movies give many people the wrong idea about labor they make it seem alot more dramatic and the woman is always screaming. It is not the same for everbody. If you are having regular contractions it is a good idea to ring your doctor or midwife for advice, there is no harm in checking also at 36 weeks your baby should be ok to be born , but some doctors like to stop the contractions if they can to give your baby a few more days on the inside. I hope it all works out well for you.



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