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mom2b2x - April 7

This is the second pregnancy for me my daughter is 3, i will be 36 weeks monday but i went to the dr tuesday and requested a exam to see where i was bc my back had been hurting since saturday nonstop and i knew the baby had dropped. Well he said the baby had indeed dropped but that i had not dilated any and then last night i had a big glob of stuff come out on the toilet paper (tmi i know sorry ) that i can only assume was the mucous plug . i never did any of this with my daughter and i was induced as well . i am concerned that the baby may be coming early becasue i have been sick most of this pregnancy and have been on anitbiotics and what nots forever ... Does anyone know how to help me with this ? any info is bettter than none ... Thanks


bbelmore - April 7

That sounds like your mucous plug, don't worry. A lot of the mom's on this site say they lost it anywhere from 30 weeks to right during labour. The plug will reform if things are otherwise not progressing , and at 36 weeks your baby should be okay (since 37 is considered "term") I would say that since you are not dilating or anything, don't worry. Talk to your doctor, but I am confident there isn't much cause for concern. Good luck!!!!


mom2b2x - April 7

Thanks i actually just left the dr and he said that i had not dilated or effaced but that i was having contractions so i was just in false labor . He said that didnt mean that i wouldnt go into labor over the weekend but if i did he wouldnt stop me .. Thanks for the info..


Kelly K - April 7

I lost my plug at 37 weeks and still went 11 days overdue. I was finally induced.


Daniella - April 10

mom2b2x, hey, I am 36 weeks on tuesday (tomorrow)... so, we are pretty close in date. I lost my mucus plug at 32 weeks. I went straight to L&D because it freaked me out losing it so early (it was a lot!) and I was 1 cm dilated, 25% effaced. My apt. last week I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced and baby at -2 station. My doctor still thinks I might go full term. SO, losing the plug means nothing.. unless you see a bloody show. That may mean its closer. Yet, mine just looked like a huge snot. lol. Also, since your not even dilated or effaced, it sounds like you should make it to your due date just fine. I still have no idea with mine. Guess only time will tell. Good luck!!!



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