Water Bag Leaking

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fgdg - October 26

ok for a couple weeks now, ive been getting drips going down my leg not constant just every so often.. i just thought it was something else...i have a weird feeling down low but no infection or stds or anything like that.. ive also been having contractions but there not regular.. and when i wipe the color is like a orangeish yellow color i didnt worry bout it till now because well i dont know just please tell me if you have any idea if this could be my water leaking


kim j - October 26

there is a test that can be done to see if your bag is leaking. if you think it may be your bag i would call your doc asap. or you may just be peeing alittle,..


k - October 29

this sounds really gross but my mid-wife said to smell it if it has no smell its your waters an if it does its urine an the babys jus pressin on ya bladder


C - October 29

It's probably not your water leaking but call your doctor. If your water is leaking, you should have delivered already. Once your water breaks infection can set into the baby if you take too long to deliver. I think they want you to deliver within 24 hours. My friend didn't know her water broke, she thought it was pee and her doctor yelled at her for not calling.


mina - November 1

today i was sitting on the couch and i started to feel something coming out but it was just a tiny bit nothing big with my first child when my water broke it came out to be alot more but it was leaking then too im wondering if this is my water or not leaking if it is possible for just a little tiny bit to come out at a time i haven`t had any since then and im to embara__sed to go to the hospital


Brooke - November 2

Well, just today I been noticing that a little bit of stuff comes out every so often. Its not clear though. Its like a light milkly color, but its more like liquid than I've been noticing recently. Could this be waters, or just a watery discharge? Should I call my doctor??



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