Water Birth

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young_mum_2_b - May 14

hi...i'm due in 6 and a half weeks and am considering a water birth...the problem is i dont know much about them..i've been told they relieve more pressure than a dry birth on pelvic floor muscles and is less painful in water when and if you tear...now a water birth for me would be just find coz i'm always relaxed and content in water....but my problem is..do i have to have all my clothes off?? i've seen videos and pics of women in labour and they're all naked...and i am so very concious about being naked infront of other people....is it possible for me to have a water birth with a nightie on or something??? they just sound like a better option for me. Has anyone actually had a water birth and can give me some advice??


oz - May 14

ive never had a baby before but i do think i will go with the water birth option when i do. Do a search on google and just type in waterbirth and it will come up with so much stuff including womens storeis and pictures. I have seen some pics of women in the tub/pool with singlets on etc so dont let that part of it worry you. Goodluck with it xx


Nicole1213 - May 14

Right now im a week overdue and one of the things i said i may try in labor was the birthing tub. If i end up doing it ill let you know


Been There - May 14

I've seen them on tv and the women have swim tops or bras on. They are not completely naked. But, let's face it, you can't have anything on below no matter how you deliver. I think you cannot have on a t-shirt because the person helping deliver my need to rub or ma__sage the belly and a shirt will just be in the way.


Olivene - May 14

Hi, young mum, I haven't had one yet, but I am planning a water birth, and I think I would be more uncomfortable wearing something wet than naked. I do think you can pretty much choose what to wear. I have seen videos in which the mom is wearing a sports bra. I'd bet you could get away with a t-shirt or short night gown, but there may be reasons to make it impractical, like Been There said, or your hospital could have rules about it. I would ask your midwife or doc next visit. Good luck!


Alycia - May 17

I just had a waterbirth at home last week. I am normally terribly self-conscious about my body, but I have to say, as labor progressed, I truly did not care anymore. I didn't get into the water until I was fully dilated (I needed to rock on the birth ball... nothing else would do). Up until that time, I was wearing a giant sundress with a sports bra, but no panties. I was leaking all kinds of stuff, so I just sat on a towel on the ball. Once I got in the water, I left my sports bra on and I didn't take it off until the baby was born. I think the water was pretty nice, but I have nothing to comparte it to since this was my first.



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