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Mzwest83 - June 20

I was just wondering if anyone has had a at homewater birth?I am trying to get some info on it. Thanks!


Alycia - June 21

I just had a home waterbirth on May 9. What do you want to know?


Olivene - June 23

I am planning a hospital waterbirth. My due date is Aug.9. Alycia, How dilated were you when you got in the water? Did you stay in until after thebirth or get in and out? Do you think it helped to avoid tearing? Mzwest83, when are you due?


Alycia - June 23

Olivene - Weirdly, I couldn't stand being in the water until transition. I really thought I would use it all the way through, but nope. My midwife checked me for dilation shortly after I got in the water because I was starting to push, and I was 10 cm by then. I stayed in the water for the next three hours while I pushed my son out - it's gross, but I didn't even get out to pee. NOTHING could have gotten me out of that water! My son was born underwater with me in a kneeling position. In that position, I felt absolutely no pressure on my perineum at all - I never felt the ring of fire. Upright positions put MUCH less straing on the perineum compared to the traditional positions hospitals use, so tearing there is less likely. I'm not sure if the water itself had much to do with it. I did have a small tear in the front that didn't require st_tches. I felt it when it happened, but believe it or not, it wasn't really painful -I was just aware of it. I'll be happy to answer any other questions.


Olivene - June 24

Thanks, Alycia. I will have to try kneeling and see how it feels for me. No pressure on the perineum sounds lovely. Great info! Was this your first? Mzwest83, Is this your first? It is for me.


Olivene - June 24

Alycia, How big was your baby?


Alycia - June 24

It was my first, and he was 8 lbs 13 oz. Not a shrimp!


Olivene - June 24

Alycia, That is so great to know. This baby is measuring 5.5 pounds at 33 weeks! I'm so glad to hear your story! I was really starting to worry about the size and going naturally/ Okay, one more question- how long was your labor?


Mzwest83 - June 25

I guess I wanted to know did it help with pain? What makes upi able to have a home water birth? I had 2 children. My first was when I was 14 and she was born @ 26 weeks due to lack of prenatal care and infectioin. My second was born 14 months later when I was 15. I was on bed rest from 26 weeks on due to possible preterm labor. She was born at 38 weeks. I really hated my hospital experance, I just can't see me having a child in the hospital. PlusI love the water!! I have seen some water births on tv but was not sure if they were just showing the good ones and hiding the bad ones!! Thanks!


Mzwest83 - June 25

I ment to say what makes us/you able to have a home birth?


Alycia - June 26

Olivene - My labor was long, but that was because it was kicked off by a UTI. Also, the swollen bladder held things up a lot. If you count early labor, it was 44 hours, but I don't think that number represents what really happened. If you count from active labor on, it was 17 1/2 hours, which I think is more accurate. I pushed for three of those hours. Don't worry, though - even if you do have a long labor, it hardly matters. Time was utterly meaningless once active labor began - I couldn't have cared less how long things were taking because I was so in the moment. And I'm not a person who is usually good at being in the present! Mzwest83 - I don't really know how to answer your question. Anyone who is considered low-risk is eligible for homebirth, and if you want a waterbirth there, just find a midwife who is willing to attend you. As for a hospital birth, I have no idea what their requirements are for waterbirth eligibility. You'd have to ask them.


Mzwest83 - June 26

Thanks!I found a midwife to help with a homewater birth. I was just told by other people that they will look at your past pgs to tell if you can have a water birth. I guess All I can do is pray this PG is a smooth one. How would you rate your pain and discomfort doing your labor? I really want to go all natural but on the other side I am worried about pain!


Mzwest83 - June 26

Oh my due date is 25 feb. We just found out that we are expecting. But I have been looking into water birth since we were TTC.


Mzwest83 - June 27

Thank you for talking to me about it. I just called to havea consult with them.


Alycia - June 27

Mzwest83 - I agree with Olivene that previous premature labor should not rule out a waterbirth for you. As long as you go full-term, I can't imagine it would matter. As for my pain level, that's a really hard thing to tell. I wouldn't so much call it painful as extremely intense... coping with the sensations (prior to pushing) required every bit of my concentration and focus - I couldn't stand being touched or talked to. Once I began pushing, it was very hard work but not nearly as hard to cope with. It was hot, sweaty, tiring work, but at least I was DOING something and finally getting somewhere.



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