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Pain - October 17

Is there any way to break my own water im am 8 days over due and miserable


Min - October 18

I dunno, how do you feel about having a cesarean, possibly losing your uterus due to infection and having your baby balancing between life and death? WHEN YOUR BABY IS READY, SHE OR HE WILL START LABOR.


kimberley - October 18

In short NO. Please dont even try this, as it could do harm to you, and your baby. I know you are impatient, but it will happen soon :)


T - October 18

100% with Min.


??? - October 18

Min --You don't have to be so critical of her. She is asking a simple question. Not all babies simply make their appearance. Some that do go overdue and are born as still borns, or are in distress. I've personally known 2 occa__sions for that to be true so I am not pulling statistics out of the air, but personal experiences. Pain, have you talked to your MW or DR? Would they be willing to induce after a certain period of time? I'm not going to lecture you because I've been in your position before and being "impatient" isn't even part of the deal. "Impatient" is a kid complaining in McDonald's because it's taking 3-5 minutes to get their freaking happy meal; after all, Pain has already gone 41 weeks. As far as I know, there isn't a way to break your own water. I'm sorry.


Pain - October 18

I never even said i was going to do it i was just wondering if there was a way. If i really wanted to have a could just tell my doctor he already said they would induce me but i wanted the experence of my water breaking naturally. I wasnt meaning sticking something up there to pop i meant like a pill or something so if you thought i was going to hurt my baby you have some thinking to do.


?? - October 18

Pain - I don't mean to disappoint you but even with my previous pregnancies, my water never broke on it's own. I'll agree with you, I always thought it would be kinda cool to have my water break on it's own. Has the doc tried stripping your membranes at all. Supposedly, aside from ripening your cervix, it might help. Just a thought!! Good luck to you!!


to pain - October 18

i broke my own water, i know im stupid, but i saved my son.


Alissa - October 18

I wasnt mad at you ?? i was mad at other comments. My stomach is starting to hurt its really painful and i really think my water needs to break the baby has been in to long and the doctor wont do anything really a about it thats y i wondering if there was anything i could do special to make my water break



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