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esjayce - November 30

Hello, this is my first child and I was told if my water breaks I'm not supposed to walk or it will give the baby brain damage, is this an old wives tale or is there some truth to this???


Kiersten - December 1

I have never heard this one and with my first pregnancy I was asking about every wives tale I heard! :) First, it's not as common as you might think for your waters to spontaneously break on their own. My midwife broke mine when I was 8 cm dilated. Second, I really don't see how that can give baby brain damage. If your waters do break there is a time limit as to how long they'll let you labor on your own (with no progress) before they'll take the baby by c-section due to risk of infection. I would talk with your doctor/midwife about it because sometimes it really helps to have them tell you themselves that you're fine, but I wouldn't think twice personally about this one. Shame on the person who tried to scare a pregnant lady! :) Congrats on your pregnancy and remember that although many people mean well, the trick is to smile when they give you advice and let it slip back out the other ear as you walk away!


Krissy25 - December 1

Ha ha, who told you that? I've heard a lot of old wives tales too, but not that one. I think someone was pulling your leg. No, it's not true, there is still plenty of cushion in there. If your water breaks on you it's time to go to the hospital, have someone else drive you in case contractions start comming on strong, but it is safe to walk to the car. Good luck.


mary b - January 4

Don't believe 95% of what your hear! That is not true. So if your water breaks you can't walk into the hospital??? or to the car the get to the hospital?? It's good walk, get things moving around!


jenna32 - January 12

i've never heard that,probably untrue. You could ask your doc. Although once i was induced and they broke the water themselves, i can't imagine wanting to walk while being in so much pain,yikes! The contractions for me were nothing,didn't feel anything 99% of the time but after breaking my water, it was horrible.


alirenee86 - January 23

That sounds like a wives tale. My water never broke at all when I went into labor and they broke it at the hospital, at which point I was laying in a bed the whole time. My son came out far from brain damaged!


angeln2boys - January 29

I will say this is untrue. on 8-8-08 my water broke at home i got told to come in and i walked and drove to the hospital. they admitted me and the next day i have a c-section. But due to other problems my child pa__sed.



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