Water Breaking When Is Ideal

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Daisy Jean - April 1

I have read many different views on this site. Some of them include: the bag of waters should break about an hour before delivery, you should have your doctor break your water because otherwise labor is much more painful, and someone said they would never let the doctor artificially rupture your waters to begin labor. I have also heard somewhere that the water breaking too early can lead to the umbillical cord wrapping around the baby's neck. Anyone have a definitive answer about this?


Maleficent - April 1

this is all just my opinion, but here goes. after having my water broken contractions got much more intense. they were stronger, closer together, and longer which all added up to more pain, but also led to a faster delivery. the biggest risk of water breaking is a prolapsed cord. (the water breaks and the cord is sucked out with it, getting caught in the cervix.) so long as the baby is low this isn't a big worry. i've had my water broken during labor with my first two babys with no problems. this time i want to take a more "hands off" approach to labor and let them rupture on their own. i have more confidance in my body this time around and want to let it do what comes naturally.


Erin - April 3

I am new to all of this and I have read that if your water breaks on it's own, you can expect contractions to start within 12 hours. Is this correct or can it be much sooner? Also, is it possible to start labor and contractions before your water breaks, thus requiring it be broken at the hospital? I live in a rural area and I want to make sure that I can get to the hospital in time.


Maleficent - April 4

erin, i think the stats are 50/50 on wether water breaks before labor. mine never broke on it's own. with DD i had a small tear, but not a rupture. if i were you, i would call the hospital as soon as you start to have regular contractions, they can advise you on when to come in. if your water breaks get to the hospital immediatly, they willl admit you.


Jill - April 4

My water never broke on It's own in my last pregnancy, in fact I was at 10 cm and my bag of water was still in tact. oops then they broke it for me as I started pushing. I had a very painful labor still. This time I might not get so lucky and they will probably break my water sooner, which to me means more pain then last time.


michelle - April 4

#1, #3, #4 - water broke either at or shortly before delivery. #2 - water broke about 6 hrs before. #5 - water broke about 1 hour before delivery. Never had AROM.


Tami - April 11

My labir started out with contractions and then when I was dialated to 5CM, the broke my water to keep the progress going. My labor was not painful. I had to just remeber to take deep breathes before we got to the pushing stage, so that my muscles wouldn't tense up anymore than necessary from the contractions! Everyone's labor is different!



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