Water Just Broke Plz Help

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kelly - March 6

ahhhh! my water broke about an hour ago and nothing is happening apart form me gushing fluid down there i feel no pain, i rang the hospital and they told me to come up when i start to feel contractions.... im really scared i dont know what to expect this is my first baby and i know nothing about childbirth are epidurals helpful? ah i dont know what is going to happen im so nervious yet so excited that im finally going to meet my baby girl.... plz help ASAP i need some input to what im about to experience! thanks


moe - March 8

um first of all I think your lying cause if your water really broke they would of told you to come to the hospital immediatly!!!! If your water really did break I would of already been to the hospital and I wouldn't be setting at home waiting around!!!!!!!!!!!!


Labor - March 8

Not necessarily true moe. Many times the mother is more comfortable at home during the early stages of labor. Just don't take any baths, showers are okay and no s_x etc. If nothing has happened in 6 hours go to the hospital and they will give you medicine to start contractions.


Billie - March 8

I heard that if your water breaks, you only have a certain amount of time before there is risk for infection. (12hrs)Regardless if you don't shower and don't have s_x. I would have gone to the hospital if mine broke.


brucen - March 15

My water broke like yours Kelly, I wish I would have stayed home a bit longer. I would have been much more comfortable. I didn't have any labor pains until much later. If your BOW ruptures and you don't deliver within X amount of time, the risk of infection is there regardless of where you are after your water breaks. I was in the hospital and it happened to me.


trish - March 28

when my water broke i had no pain 13 hours later i still had no pain everything should be ok just go to the hospital and let them tell you what to do from there


Kim - March 31

I am still in my first trimester but when I deliver I plan to deliver at a hospital about an hour away from my house. My sister-in-law says that this is too far away since once my water breaks, I will be in excrutiating pain and will not be able to sit in a car for an hour. I chose this hospital because it's the best in the area and I have a great Doctor that I love. From reading these posts, it seems as if I will have some time and may not even be in pain at first. Can anyone else share their experiences? Thanks in advance.


michelle - March 31

Kim, it usually takes a while with first babies. I wouldn't worry about getting to the hospital on time. Labor is more painful after the water breaks but it doesn't usually break (on its own) until shortly (hour or less) before delivery. Good lucl.


Kim - March 31

Thanks Michelle. It sounds like contractions would start first then, giving me a little more time. Let's hope so!


Daisy Jean - April 1

You must be very excited! Your contractions will probably start soon. Some people do feel that epidurals are helpful. Best of luck to you and your baby girl! What are you going to name her? (so I can say a little prayer just for her!)


Daisy Jean - April 1

Oops. I didn't look at the dates. This is definitely all over by now. : }


nicola - April 2

do not worry this happened to me with my son it was about three hours later when contractions started so you will get there soon.with my first i only had gas and air as people had told me you will not now when to push and i wanted my body to tell me when it was time,and it did which gave me more energy to push.



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