Water Leaking No Dilation Or Effacement

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waitingfordaniel - February 18

Hi everyone... I just asked this in another post... but asking the general public for insight here as well... basically... I thought my water broke this morning (slight trickle after a "pop" sensation). We went to the hosp, and nurse did a litmus paper test (rubbed this around va___al area). The paper turned dark blue immediately, and she stated that the water had broken, and the doctor would check me, then likely induce me, since contractions hadn't started and it had been more than two hours since the rupture. We were sooo thrilled!! Then the doctor did the internal -- there is NO dilation, no effacement. The cervix is long, hard, closed and posterior. He sent me for ultrasound to check fluid levels. Fluid levels are ample. Baby is active, and his heart rate is fine. Doctor did a second test, a cue tip swab of the va___al region. I believe he was to make a slide of this test, and check it under a microscope for a ferning pattern... but he didn't check with a microscope. He just stated that this test was negative for amniotic fluid immediately after the swab. He stated he thought I may have a small tear at the top of the bag of waters, but I was fine. He didn't want to induce because I am not effaced or dilated, even contracting at all and it would likely lead to nowhere but a c-section. Doc stated the paper test turned color because of va___al secretions, or blood (though I had no bleeding till the internal was done). The nurse still said even after this on our way out that the paper turned dark blue, and IS positive for amniotic leak. Research since then has shown that this paper ONLY turns dark blue for amniotic fluid. Bleeding, urine, va___al secretions... they turn green, yellow and orange or something. Only amniotic fluid turns blue. So now I"m home. I am frustrated. I am anxious. I can't believe whats happening. I am due for membrane sweep on thursday with regular doc unless something happens. Is this effective even without dilation or effacement? I hear it hurts like h__l - want to avoid if possible, but this seems inevitable. This sucks. Please someone offer me some help here!!?? Thanks.


waitingfordaniel - February 18

Sorry... again, forgot to mention... I'll be 39 weeks on Monday. thanks.


Leza - February 19

Hi! this happened to me with my daughter 3 years ago. the policy here was to wait 96 hours before induction! It was an agonising wait at the time, i like you felt that it was my RIGHT to have this baby now, immediately, (give me the sweep!) Eventually after 96 hours I went in for a prostoglandin gel induction, which lasted for hours and got me no-where, (just give me the darned sweep!)eventually there was a shift change and an older, more experienced midwife gave me a sweep, and 45 minutes later my beautiful daughter was born! I had begged them for a sweep continuouslly but its not policy here and the older midwife had stuck her neck on the line for me! I'm sure that if nothing has happened by next week then the sweep will do it! Best of luck, Leza (38 + 3)


Bonnie - February 19

Boy does this story sound familiar. I went trhough the same exact thing! I was in a store and had a trickle (probably about 1/2 a cup worth). So I went to the hospital and they did the paper test which turned blue. But I was only dialated 1 cm, I was not efaced, baby was super high and I was not trickling anymore. They sent me home. :( Went to doc's office the next day who did an ultrasound and said there was plenty of fluid in there so I had to wait. About 2 weeks later (1 day after I was due) I came down the stairs when another trickle came. So I went to the bathroom and peed and I could have sworn it kept trickling in the toilet. So then I told me DH trying to figure out what to do when more trickling came, lol. To cut a long story short, we went to the hospital and I trickled for 10 hours into my labor. It just kept coming and coming, haha. There was no questioning what it was by the time we had arrived at the hospital and they induced me. And the water just kept on coming. It's so frustrating though when you expect it's happening and they send you home. But it is normal. Sometimes your water can leak a bit, but as long as it's not continous and there is plenty in there, they won't do anything. :( Hang in there!


you guys - February 20

are lucky you were sent home. Instead I stayed in the hospital with a pitocin drip AND was offered a c section after 23 hrs. I declined the c section had a vaccuum a__sisted v____al delivery instead. My bag of waters broke on the day that I went to the doc for my normal weekly appt. I wasn't dialated or anything, so he said I had some time left. Not eating for that length of time was torture, not to mention I could only find one comfortable position for the whole 23 hrs. If your doc says you have enough fluid for baby you are ok, they only start to get concerned once you go a day after bag of waters ruptures. Then they start to worry about the risk of Sepsis. This is why they wanted me to have a c-section after 23 hrs. Oh I alson declined the membrane sweep my dr offerd that day I went in for y check up, he said it would hurt. I was fine with waiting after that, but since your BOW has ruptured, I would probably do it just to avoid the c-section talk and the precautionary NICU stay for your baby if you get to the 23hr mark and have fever like I did.



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