Waters Breaking

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clueless - October 4

this might sound silly but has anyone not noticed when their waters have broken? im 37 weeks and always very damp down there lately so if my waters just trickled out how would i know the difference?


lisa - October 4

i am exactly the same and also 37 half weeks, feels like get frequent discharge but its just like water and makes my knickers wet, i told my midwife and she felt my abdomen and said there is pleanty of am fluid so prob just increase in discharge which apparantly is normal towards the end, anoying though, as i hate panty liners


clueless - October 4

thanks for answering. I went for a growth scan yesterday and was told fluid was normal so it must just be discharge. Sometimes it really feels like ive wet myself though!! Glad its not just me. When they do break i will probably think its still discharge and ignore it, ha ha


jen - October 4

Even if your water is trickling out it does not mean your water is broken, You continue to make water. If your water breaks and it is a sign of labor you will be really wet, no question what so ever. I too consistly have wetness down there but I have my water checked every week and it remains fine, due to the fact that my body also continues to make it to keep the body safe. Even if your sack gets a little tear, it will heal itself. Hope this helps.


chel - October 4

you will know when your water breaks. Mine broke with both of my other kids. It is a lot of water and it does not stop coming out. It comes out in big gushes.


Jenny - October 4

If you feel like your water is leaking you need to be checked. There is a test that the doctor uses when doing an exam and it changes color, some doctors even if that test is negative with take a swab and still look at it underneath a microscope to ensure your not leaking water. You can trust by feeling the outside of your abdomen. My friend had a baby boy 2 months months early, her water was infected and the baby had an infection throughout his whole body and almost died. The infection was caused by a pinhole leak, if water can leak out bacteria can get in, so ladies take away your worries and what ifs, call the doctor and have him check, its always better to be safe than sorry and your doctor will tell you the same thing. Good luck


1stimer - October 23

I feel the same way... I am 37 weeks and have the feeling that I am leaking since 25 weeks. My doctor conducted an ultrasound at 31 weeks because I was so worried and the fluid level was fine. He told me that it will probably get even worse and to basically look for a gush of water. Another sign that your fluid is low is if you have little fetal movement or no movement, but if you have constant movement I wouldn't worry about it.... He also said that if there was a small tear in the bag of waters it would seal itself off because it is like glue.... I hope this helps. Thank goodness there is only 3 weeks left..


Ashley - December 19

ive called the doctor alot cause i thought my water was breaking cause i kept getting damp down there and they make me come in anyway cause they say that it could rupture and i wouldnt know it unless they check


Liz - December 20

I had no doubt that my water broke. It gushed out like a waterfall. Thank goodness I had a huge maxi pad, was laying down, and it was almost 5 am. I'm sooo glad it didn't happen out it public.


Melanie21225 - December 20

My water broke last Tuesday on my due date. There is no mistaking it.....it gushes everywhere, and i mean everywhere. It just rushes out.



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