Wearing Contact Lenses

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KLT - July 4

I've heard I can't wear my contacts during labor. Is this true? Does anyone know why???


sahmof3 - July 4

I've had three c-sections and only had labor with my first, which was an emergency c-section. That is why they (at least one reason I know of) why they don't allow contact lenses during labor, so they don't have to worry with that detail in case of an emergency. I had to wear my gla__ses in that labor and also during my next two scheduled sections!!


KLT - July 5

Thanks, but how does wearing contacts during an emergency such as that affect things? I mean, whats the difference between being under the knife with your contacts on...and sleeping with them in?


sahmof3 - July 5

Actually, I have no idea, but it might be an eye infection risk?? I know my eye doc says it's risky to wear contacts when sleeping for that reason. I've fallen asleep with them in and they get dryed out and stuck to my eyes- owww! So maybe that's it??


Shannon - July 5

i wore mine. i gave my eyes a couple hour break from them while i was trying to sleep. i HATE my gla__ses and i'm nearly blind when not wearing anything, so i was gonna wear my contacts no matter what. it wasn't a big deal, either.


sahmof3 - July 5

Oops. You all may be wondering why I was talking so much about being asleep w/ contacts in. I forgot to mention that I had to be put to sleep for #3's birth- very low platelets, so it was an issue for me. As for the other two, I don't mind wearing my gla__ses too much, and I'm glad I was for my first baby because once hard labor hit it was one less thing to think about, then again, maybe I wouldn't have even been able to think about eyes at that point- lol. Anyway, like I said I don't mind my gla__ses too much, (actually I do in the general public, but when you're in the hospital with people looking at your XXX, what does it matter:)) but, as w/ Shannon, looks like they do make exceptions when gla__ses are really intolerable:)


Been There - July 6

I don't want to sound down or scary, but the reason may be that if anything goes wrong, you lose consciousness, your eyes roll, etc., you could lose those contacts and they'd be in the way of checking pupils. I'm just guessing they are just looking out for worst case scenarios. Just like some hospitals don't allow for wearing jewelry and others do. But you should just check with your doctor or the hospital to see what their policy is. They may not even care.


KLT - July 10

Hmm, well i'm going to ask at my next appt on the 21st b/c I cannot stand wearing gla__ses...I can't stand anything on my face, especially if i'm hot and sweaty! Not to mention, if they won't let me wear my contacts, i'm going to have to buy new gla__ses b/c the ones i have now are super old and the prescription in them is very very old too. I hate them! sahmof3 - I know what you mean about them sticking to your eyes...I use Refresh eye drops if that happens...helps quite a bit. Been There - makes sense... I never thought of my eyes rolling back... ooof...I just wanna wear my contacts!! Already stressing about pooping myself during delivery...and the thought of being blind, pooping, peeing, farting and all that mess during the whole process is freaking me out!! hahaa...


JillyBilly - July 10

I'm planning on wearing mine otherwise I won't be able to see my baby. I'm blind as a bat.


KLT - July 11

JillyBilly - did your doctor say anything to you about wearing/not wearing them? I'm going to ask mine next Friday when I see her and see what she says..and WHY!


piratesmermaid - July 12

Oh, my, gosh, KLT, that is freakn hilarious! Blind, pooping, peeing, farting, and bleeding. No, I know that it'll happen to me as well, but just the way you said it. :D Anyway, I had contacts a few years back, but I was getting reoccuring eye infections, so I was put back to gla__ses. So I don't have a choice. But on a related subject, I heard that your prescription changes during pregnancy because of all the hormones. Has anyone else heard this? I'm making plans to get an eye exam after the baby is born to see if I need a new prescription.


sahmof3 - July 12

pirate- yeah, it's true. My eye doc even said to wait until after b___stfeeding! My last eye exam was March '03, when I was ttc. I got pregnant in May and have been pregnant or b___stfeeding (or both) ever since. I'm blind as a bat- lol.


piratesmermaid - July 12

After b___stfeeding, too, huh? Makes sense. I'm going to have to get some different gla__ses. Some really durable ones, 'cause I'm sure this baby girl will be tugging on them quite a bit!


Trina_ - July 12

I just had my baby on May 22nd...wore my contacts the whole time. No problems....was never asked to take them out..


Mindi - July 12

I had my first baby on the 29th, and I wore my contacts the whole time. No one ever asked. I did take them out shortly after the birth, because all the straining from pushing made my eyes get really swollen and dry. Even now I am having a hard time trying to wear my contacts. I am pretty much blind as well, so it sure has been an adjustment to getting use to wearing my gla__ses again.


KLT - July 13

I am friends with my eye doctors optemetric technician...she told me, along with the eye doctor that your vision does change during pregnancy (which mine has considerably). The reason being is that your eyeball retains water during pregnancy, and thus this changes your vision. You should wait until after you have your baby to get your eyes checked....while she's never heard about having to wait until after b___stfeeding but says that sounds reasonable, and most often your vision has returned to what it was before...sometimes it won't go back to how it was exactly though..but most often it will.



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