Week 40 Madness

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Cynth001 - January 16

What can you do when you have reached your 40 weeks of pregnancy and fear the obstetrician will make you wait another 2 weeks before inducing you.... I feel like I am going crazy!


Lala - January 16

Communicate with your doctor! sounds like maybe you're making a__sumptions. I hope you feel better soon!


babii_boo91 - January 16

Lol im on that one right now she wont induce unitl im 42 weeks


catgiggles - January 16

My cuz (who is really like my sister) told me that once I hit my due date that if I felt like I couldnt go any longer to tell my dr. She said that when she went in for her appointment at 40 weeks she just started bawling and told him she just couldn't take it anymore (she had alot of hip pain with this one she did with her other). So he sent her over to the hospital and induced her that morning.


Bailey2786 - January 17

they are induceing me if I go over my due date already talked to my doc about it! ugh I know how you feel! :)


KarenCT - January 19

I have made an appointment to c a very good acupuncturist next week......hope this will work - I am 37 weeks now and will be 38 when I c her - wish me luck.


kaybee123 - January 19

I had an appointment today, mine are weekly now. My doctor said that if I don't go in between now and the 26th, which is next Friday (my next appt), then they will schedule an induction for the following Monday or Tuesday. On the 26th I'll be 39 weeks. I was afraid that they would wait until two weeks after my due date which is 2 Feb. I just think that they could have helped me a long time ago. With both my children I had to have pitocin to help my contractions come strong enough. I've been at 2 cm since the 5th and this is the first time that I got that far without pitocin.


Erin1979 - January 25

make a ma__sage therapy appointment. I did this, and went into labour that day!! The RMT said it happens all the time!! haha! Other than that, I would express your concern to your MD. Most of them don't want you to go too much over your date. Good luck!


kaybee123 - January 26

I had an appointment today. I'm 39 weeks and I had my membranes stripped. They put me on the schedule for induction on Tuesday. I'm still 2 cm (since the 2nd) and I've gone from 25% to 50% effaced. So...wish me luck. I haven't had any cramping as I've heard about after membrane stripping. It took about fifteen seconds or so. I've seen three different doctors (I'm military). And one seems to think that I'm 40 weeks and not 39. At any rate, I had babies at 36 and 35 weeks so this is the longest I have gone. I'm praying that I go in before this induction but if I don't I am soooooo looking forward to Tuesday.



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