Weird Twinges And Zings

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Adrienne - July 15

Ok ladies, maybe you can help me. I am a first timer and here is my situation.I am 36wks. Monday AM I went to the Dr because I was spotting. She told me I was 90% effaced and at a station +1. Later that evening lost my mucous plug. I was told it could be anytime now or two weeks. Now I am feeling these really weird twinges and zings (i don't know how else to describe them :)) They are very low down. Any ideas what this might be? I have not felt them before now. Quite an odd sensation and some really kinda hurt. Do I still have forever to wait?


Adrienne - July 15

Has anyone felt this before? Help. Thanks


anna - July 15

i tink shes just moving around. do you feel like little i dont know how to say this but like jolts in your v____a?


Adrienne - July 15

not so much jolts as much as maybe shocks, kinda. They only happen when I am walking and some are really uncomfortable


Danielle - July 16

If you're at +1 station, then it's most likely the baby moving around. That's pretty low in your pelvis. With the baby that low and you're that effaced, it could be any time :) Drink tons of water - that helps build up more amniotic fluid and more room for the baby to float around and can help relieve some of that pressure. Try the 'angry cat' stretch too if the baby gets too painful. For a while with my first baby that all fours position with lots of pillows was the only way I could sleep! Best wishes!


Jennifer - July 16

Perfect description! I am on baby number two! What you are most likely feeling although I am not a dr. by any means and would only be guessing based on what I am feeling right now at 36 wks is the new sensations of your baby now that he/she has dropped. She is so low that somtimes you feel her moving along the floor of your cervix. I feel the same things. I would say that my zing sensation comes when my unborn daughter moves over what I would say is my urethra(pee tube). It feels quite uncomfortable but the word zing definately describes it. I actually feel most of my daughters movements in my v____a literally that is what it feels like. She feels like somtimes she pushes her head right up against the bottom of the cervix. You are close but don't hold your breath as I have been since preterm labor at 29 weeks. For me everyday is the day and I am on my second and should know better. Keep me posted! And good luck! - July 19

where are the zings? I have them in my belly, just below my belly b___ton. Was told it's just stretching. i swear it feels like i'm being shocked. i was worried it was the placenta coming away from the uterine wall.



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