Well I Was Due Today

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Ashlie - October 16

And did I have my baby?? Noo..... lol I went to work for 12 hours and it was like any other normal day. This is my 2nd baby and your body is spose to know what to do by now, but I havent progressed AT ALL. Im soo fearful of having a C-Section..Anyone else due today or within the next couple days or previous days that are in the same boat?? Or am I a lone ranger here? lol


Surprised - October 16

I am not actually pregnant anymore, my baby is 5 months, but I think it's strange that they haven't wanted to induce you. I was still 6 days away from my due date and they induced me. If you have s_x though you may be able to start labor. Good luck with this though.


LM - October 16

A due date is only an estimate and never a deadline. A normal pregnancy is 38-42 weeks. Give it more time. Good luck.


krystal - October 16

most docs will induce at 41 weeks, some wait for 42. my son is 5 weeks old now and i was scheduled for induction on sept 10th. i had lost all hope of goin naturally but i did and he was born on the 9th.


Michelle - October 16

I was overdue with all 4 of my babies. They were 11, 8, 6 & 8 days overdue. I was only induced with the third and that was because we were moving and no OBs would take me in the new town since I was overdue. My babies got bigger and bigger ending at 9lb. 6oz. They never mentioned inducing with any of them (the third was out of logistical necessity obviously) and I was with a different practice every time in different cities. Incidently, that third one was covered in vernix and needed a jump start breathing. Her dates were dead on as we had several early u/s due to bleeding problems. I guess it takes some women longer that others to cook a good baby. Hang on and get comfortable. Eventually, it will be born. I would advise against induction unless you have to, I delivered mine naturally and the induction was the hardest by far.


Ashlie - October 17

Well this is my 2nd baby and I have what you would call a "stubborn" cervix. It doesnt know/want to dialate. It did the same thing with my first son and after I had my water broke they had to give me pitocin to help me dialate. Im in no rush to have the baby, whenever he wants to come is fine with me, as long as he isnt huge by the time he decides to make his appearance.. :) I see the doc on Wed, so cant wait to see what she says!



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