What Are My Chances Of Getting My Dr To Induce

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missycc4 - February 20

I'm due this Saturday 40 weeks I'm there bad thing is My Dr. has me at 37 weeks do to my ultrasound. My husband works out of town every now and then. Well I'll be 38 weeks next Saturday again do to my Dr.s new Due date and my husband may be leaving to the keys to work and I don't want him to miss the brith of his only child. I'm done after this one. Its an 8 hour drive to the Keys. I had my daughter in 4 hours from the time my water broke to having her. I really don't want him to miss this. Any advice


jennylane1965 - February 23

Same situation...ultrasound shows im over 2 weeks less than i know i am. they are saying i am 36 weeks, i am saying i am 38 weeks. my fiance is leaving 4 days before my due date for japan so i have to ask my doc about inducing so he can be there...ahh..my doc doesnt quite listen to me, though.good luck...


missycc4 - February 23

I'm going to see my Dr again on the 28th. I'll then be 38 weeks to her 41 for me. Well I'm going to let her know that I have to have this baby. Found out also that my mom is coming down sooner then I had planned to help and she can only stay for 2 weeks and I know that I'll be needing the help when he leaves. We should know something by March 3rd if he is going.


jennylane1965 - February 23

let me know how your appintment goes....how frusterating~!


missycc4 - March 1

Well it came and went. She is going t olet me go until her new due date. I had a ultrasound today and the baby is now 8lbs and 6oz and I still have two weeks to go. I DON'T THINK SO. If I make it to Wednesday I will be telling her to take this baby by the weeksend. I'm not going to be having no 10 lb baby. I had a hard time having my 9 lb daugther. So right now I'm in pain and walking as much as I can. The fluid around the baby is 19oz I think that s how they messure in oz. not sure anyway I need to go and do my afternnon walk. I hope all this walking gets me in the hospital.


Tammy276 - March 4

missy, don't freak out when they measure the weight by u/s....they can be off by 2 lbs either way, so they may say your baby is 8lbs but is really only 7.



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