What Are Your Opinions Amp Experiences With Epidural

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Bree - July 22

I'm curious as to how other people feel about having an epidural. I had both my other kids the old fashioned way -naturally! It really hurts more than one can imagine if they've never experienced it. How dangerous are epidurals? Please let me know of any personal experiences. I'm considering that option this time. What's the effect on the baby? I'm just worried I cannot possibly push as hard as I need to if I can't feel anything. Anyone had one that didn't take? .....thanks!


anna - August 5

i had my baby last week by c*sction...i had an epidural it was great...but there are risk but there very min. if i was you i would go for it you diserve it


Jenny - August 5

I had my baby 2 weeks ago and I wouldn't have survived if it wasnt for the epidural! I was in so much pain but as soon as I got the epidural it was great! I had a stalled labor but it quickly progressed afterward. I was pushing 2 hours later and it only took 5 minutes to push him out. He would have squirted right out but his shoulders got stuck. It didn't hurt though because I couldn't feel it. I would highly suggest getting one!


miranda - August 5

I had one but I didn't want one. My dr said I would have to have a c-section if I didn't get one to relax me during transition. If I could go back I wouldn't get it. I felt like as soon as they put that thing in I had no choices or say in anything anymore. And my sister had one that only took on one side, so she felt labor on one side anyway. She says next time she's not getting one either. My younger sister didn't have one and she had the best labor of all three of us. I'm not saying there's never a time a place for an epidural, I just don't personally think they make it better. You may not feel as much pain (or you may anyway) but it makes everything so much more complicated, at least in my opinion. I know there's a lot of people that disagree with me though.


Marta - August 8

Loved it!!!! The epidural made my delivery such an enjoyable experience. I felt absolutely no pain - just got to focus on watching the delivery and enjoying the experience.


TG - August 8

I had my first baby 6 weeks ago and if i hadnt got the epidural i would not have been able to do it. I was hurting so bad but when i got the epidural it was a breeze. it didnt have any effect on my baby....he was just as alert if not more than some babies right after i had him. It didnt slow my labor or anything and i only had to push for about 10 minutes and he was out. No pain at all..and you'll be able to push like u need to...you'll feel pressure when the baby's head starts crowning and they will tell u to push...i would definatly get the epidural if i were u! good luck!!!


No drugs for me - August 9

HI bree, I had a natural birth with no drugs apart from gas. I felt like I had control all the way. The 2 stage took two hours. I have heard that drugs can slow dour impulses to push down and can have an effect on your baby and your recovery time. Also My frien who has 4 children who has had 2 births with drugs two without says that once you get to the stage where you need the pain relief the pain does not get much worse it stays the same. It is a matter of putting up with it for longer. I am planning on having a drug free birth this time if all goes well.


Sarah - August 10

i had no drugs it hurt but i had no choice i was on my way to the hospital cuz my water broke and it started to really hurt so i reach down my pants in the car and the babys head was crowning so i got into the back seat and i started to push as my bf called 911 thank godness it was quick cuz it hurt


L - August 10

I had my baby 3 weeks ago and had an epidural.....but it sisnt help at all. The anaesthealogist (sp?) tried to get in in 7 times and that was worse pain than the contractions.Then it worked for about 30 minutes and then only my right leg was numb but nothing else. I felt everything.. After I give birth and the doctor was sewing me up my left leg went numb...and part of my thigh still is numb..I will never have another one..my back still hurts if didnt have it I wouldnt be in any pain now...But it dose work for some women the choice is yours...Good Luck!!!



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