What Color Is The Mucus Plug

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Rhiannon - September 8

I am 38 weeks pregnant and when I went to the Drs yesterday he told me I am dilated 1cm and 50% effaced. This AM while I was going to the bathroom I noticed a clear mucus when I wiped. Can this be the mucus plug??


Nicole - September 10

When I had my baby I had a lot of mucus looking stuff on the toilet paper when I wiped for about two weeks before I acutally had her. I believe the mucus plug has blood in it as well and was told by the doctor that the mucus on the toilet paper was normal, but not the mucus plug. I was confused and thought that maybe you could loose a little at a time. I knew that I was in labor when I started having contractions and wiped and there was some blood on the toilet paper. I was told that this was part of losing the mucus plug but am not for sure. Hope this helped some, but everyone is so different, the first pregnancy I never saw blood or mucus and this one I saw both so I guess you can never be 100% sure. Good luck.


Ashlie - September 10

Mine was a little colored, yellow, light greenish?? But trust me, you will know if it is your plug because it is ALOT. and if it is soo much that is grosses you out, then its probably your plug. I know that with mine, it was like half a hand full every day for a week before I had my son.


SAN - September 25

With my 2 kids the mucus was like a pinkish mucus, but im 38+4 and 3 days ago i lost what you can only describe as a clump of raw liver and blood. I rang maternity and was told that this was the plug as the colour can vary from pink,brown,even black.


Rhiannon - September 26

I finally had my baby and now know what the mucus plug looks like. It is tinged with blood and when I went into labor it really came out. Well thats according to the Dr.


jennifer - October 13

i have yellowish/green discharge am i pregant? or is this a std? because 2 days ago i was test for stds but could i be pregant!


lisa - October 24

i have a question iam 30 weeks pregnant and i had noticed the other day when i wiped it was a greenish mucus color i dont no if thats my mucus plug or what


Silvie - October 24

I had no blood in my mucus plug....it was brownish mucus, and it came out on my labor & delivery day too!


anon - August 30

I know this is old, but it had to be the start of the mucus plug when she wipe if 2 weeks later she had the baby. Because the mucus plug does not always have blood in it.


alirsgirl4l - September 4

well i lost my mucus plug yesterday but i was told you can lose you mucus plug and still dont go into labor for another few days it was clear with a pink tint to it and ive had like a snot looking mucus discharge before when i wiped and i was told that was normal so i hope i do go into labor soon


vonzo - September 16

OK, this sounds a bit disgusting so i apologise in advance but on wednesday i had a sweep from the widwife. When she took her gloves off it was a clear mucus with blood on it, a day later i went to the toilet to and out popped what looked like a prawn. It wasn't big but was noticeable (i made my husband look so i knew i wasn't imagining things, poor man!) could this have been part of my plug or have i just been incubating a prawn for the last 38+ weeks?!


vonzo - September 17

My pleasure!! If only the laughing had started off your labour! Good luck with being induced, you'll get to see your wee baby soon, how exciting, im so jealous!! For now i'll have to make do with Penny the prawn :o)



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