What DID Put You Into Labor

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singlem0m - November 25

Hey ladies, I'm a bit confused by all the threads I've read. I've heard some people say castor oil works, other say it doesn't. I've heard s_x works but then there was a big article from some scientific study saying that was all hooey and it doesn't work at all. So just to get my mind straight, can those ladies who have kids before tell me...What DID put you into labor? I'm just really curious...


preggoplease - November 25

Well when I was preggo with my daughter I was going to do the castor oil thing but I had several people tell me that it dont work, its just gives ya diarreah. So instead I walked and walked and walked. And it worked. My husband was out of town and he was going to be back just for the weekend, so I decided I needed to make myself go into labor if i wanted him to be there. So for about 5 days I walked all around the mall, and the morning after he got home I had her. Oh and it was only 1 1/2 hrs from start to finish. With no epidural!


dedaa - November 25

With my first I ate a huge meal I mean huge I was so full and bloated and on the way home the ride was really bumpy and when I got in the door I went and took a shower and my water broke right away.


kendall - November 26

it was s_x for me, its not the actual s_x but the s____n, there is something in the s____n that helps to soften the cervix. I had s_x at about 11pm on a Tues and the contractions started at about 7am on Wed. and I was actually only dialated to 1cm for like 2 weeks, also I've read that eavening primrose oil works but I didn't get that far, lol


LakinAllen - November 26

s_x does not work ! me and my husband have had s_x about 2/3 x a week for our whole preg. including the last few weeks and i am almost 39 weeks w. no dialation but my cervix has softened


yumymumy - November 26

i dont see why people would want to bring on labour just wait till it happens, as for overdue women id be at the hospital demanding they induce induce induce!!


kendall - November 26

I would do just about anything to get her out I was sooooo uncomfortable. But this time it will be a scheduled c-section hopefully in early april


sahmof3 - November 27

What put me into labor was Pitocin... at 41 weeks 6 days!! Only other things I did were a lot of walking and s_x, which I tried starting at 40 weeks... but it didn't work.


Kristin11 - November 27

I went into labor naturally at 36 1/2 weeks. I didnt try to rush it , i tactually surprised me when my water broke.


singlem0m - November 28

Thank you very much for all the replies ladies!


vonzo - November 29

I tried walking, s_x, spicy food, gym ball and i don;t think any of it actually put me in labour. My TV did however b__w up the night i went into labour so maybe a big bang will scare your lo out too :o) hehe , I think that your baby will come when your body and your baby are both ready. Although trying all of these things does make time pa__s quicker and keeps your mind occupied!


eclipse - November 29

pictocin!!! :)


Ayame - November 29

I gave birth 11/24/06 and early on Turkey day I had rubbed castor oil on my tummy because I read somewhere it can be absorbed through the skin. Apparently that whole time I had been experiencing contractions and not noticing them. Well we went to the hospital later that night because I thought I was leaking, they sent me home. Only at 2 AM on the 24th my water fully broke! (I also walked a lot that day.)


tyler0323 - November 30

i had s_x the night i went into labor. i tried everything for days before and nothing helped. i was told the other day that sperm is a natural inducer but i dont know how true that is


SuzieQ - December 2

Nothing put me into labor - I was 6 days overdue. I tried walking, bouncing, s_x, oral s_x (I read somewhere that s____n ingested helped....?!?), spicy food. I have never thought anything could put you into labor, but being overdue really made me desperate and I was willing to at least try :)


Felisha - December 7

i was told absolutly nothing can make you go into labor and if you are going to try s_x use a condom because the seman can cause an infection if your mucus plug has come out so be on the safe side ladies and even if s_x doesnt work its still nice to try


singlem0m - December 24

Thanks again for all the replies. I've tried the spicy food, eggplant, walking, and red raspberry leaf tea (which made me deathly sick) and none of it worked. S_x does seem to bring on contractions so I might have to try that one some more. HAHAHAHA SuzieQ, who told you ingested s____n would help you go into labor? Sounds like someone had an alternative motive to me :) Vonzo, your tv blew up? That story is too cute. Maybe I should get someone to scare me.



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