What Do Labor Pains And Contractions Actually Feel Like

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gerri - February 28

I always say it feels like my body is ripping in two...........lol that's what i said in the delivery room to my hubby! but in the same breath i would do it all over again.......they are sooo precious when born


Amanda - March 3

MY pain when i was going into labor was all in my lower back and it was like someone had punched me repeatedly. But I had an IV pain medicine when I had my first baby ... and I really didn't feel anything after that. But I can't say what i'm going to do for this one. I'm 37 weeks dilated to a 2 and I'm contracting but nothing yet!


c - March 4

aliya there is no way you can possible imagine how labor will feel. it feels like nothing i've ever experienced. everyone told me it would feel like menstral cramps.. ok i guess... a little. It was like an earthquake inside for every contraction. I wont lie.. it hurt like HELL. I wasn't planning on getting an epidural... but after 20 hours of painful contractions i welcomed it... and it was heaven. lol. looking back it was the best day of my life! I remember right after i made my husband promise that we wouldn't have to have any more babies. now 5 days later i've already changed my mind. my advice... don't expect anything... go in with an open mind. good luck girls!


LM - March 11

I am in my 28th week and have had what I feel are Braxton Hicks contractions. It is as though my abdomen becomes heavier and really tight and walking seems harder. I stand on my feet alot at my job and walk alot and sometimes if I am on my feet too much it brings on these contractions. I have to take frequent breaks. I have not experienced labor pain yet sinc this is my first child. However, the comedian and actress; Carol Burnett describes labor like this: Take your lower lip and pull it over your head! That is what she says it feels like! Gee.....I can't wait! Thank you.


brucen - March 15

I suppose I had a really easy labor, contractions felt like cramps. It helped not to watch that d__n monitor! If I do this again I will definitely have a doula. No more hospitals for me.


Shawna - March 16

I don't know what a doula is...but my contractions felt like my skin was being torn from my body, and I was being stabbed in the stomach (which is similar to how my monthly cramps would feel...just more intense). I had no breaks between contractions, so it was hard to catch my breath, and I couldn't talk it was the most pain I could ever fathom feeling. I did it all natural, and plan on doing it again. I know...crazy. I remember it like it was weeks ago, and my son is 6yrs old! Good luck. I tried focusing, which helped a little. I'm very interested in this doula thing...I will try anything but drugs!!


Sandra - March 16

I did not have an epidural. I had some wonderful gas. It takes the edge off. You can still feel all the pain but it doesn't make it seem so bad. I am 37 weeks pregnant now and plan to use it again.


Pamela - March 28



Pamela - March 28

With my first child I was really in shape, and I did not have any braxton hicks...that I could feel. I only went to the bathroom and wiped after urinating only to see that the toilett paper had looked like I wiped my nose with it after a bad cold...nasty....slimy...dark...brownish yellow...and a lot of it. Right after that I called my best friend and she told me that was bloody show, or the mucous plug falling out, and that the baby could come within the next few days. Then I called my husband at work, and while I was telling him this information...I thought I peed a little bit on myself...which never happened before. My husband told me go to the hospital now, and he would meet me there. Maybe 30 minutes later, while in the hospital my water was coming out everywhere on the bed and floor, and the smell was horrible. They gave me antibiodics to keep the baby and myself free of infections, and then the doctor did an exam every 5 hours to check for dialation...I was only one finger for 12 hours. The doctors forced labor 3 times, and my cervix would not open. That was painful, and then finally....after 32 hours...I could not even take a step, and I fell to the floor in agony and pain. That is what a contraction feels like...You will not be able to think or do....You will not be able to walk and you will cry and beg for the pain to stop...when your baby comes it will be the biggest relief you ever had.


Kara - April 1

Imagine the worst menstrual cramp, combined with the worst backpain, and add the worst rectal pressure you can think of to it all. I am in labor right now having them every 10 minutes and that's how they feel!


Ahna-Allyse - April 1

This is not an answer but I am 16 years old and 37 weeks. I just went to DR today and now I am having high BP when I have had low during all preg. I have showed symptoms of Pre Eclampsia. Severe Headaches during the middle trimester, now I gained 5 lbs in 1 wk, and have horrible swelling in my feet, hands & face, also saw spots the other day. All the symptoms of the pre eclampsia. But I did not have protein in my urine. My DR just said to watch. Should my mom & I have them draw labs? Please help!


sophia - April 2

am feeling pain in my palm leg and hand and it is soft what is the cause


Stacey - April 3

Ahna, I would definately have labs drawn. I had the same thing going on, minus seeing spots and they ran labs on me even though my protein was fine. My blood pressure is still high but my labs came back normal which made me feel better. Better safe.


Cindy - April 8

Ahna-Allyse I had normal blood pressure my whole pregnancy until 35 weeks. I was so swollen and my blood pressure went up sky high. They did admit me to the hospital, even though I had no protein in my urine. They wouldn't even let me run home first because she said there was a high chance of me having a seizure. They monitored the baby and took blood work. My blood work came back perfect so they sent me home. I was determined that it had to be my lifestyle. I started to take it a lot easier. Laying on my left side whenever possible. I cut out most fast food, pork, and canned soups. At my last checkup my blood pressure was down to almost normal (130/80) and my swelling is almost gone. If I were you, I would request blood work. If they say no, go to the emergency room. You have other signs of Toxemia, head aches,, increased weight gain. I was told at 35 weeks if my blood work came back irregular they would have induced my labor. That's how serious this can be for you and your baby.


tasha - April 8

my baby moves a lot...and today my lower back is killing me and she is moving so much... can i be in labor


Erin - April 9

For me, contractions with my first were a low pain- like on the bottom part of your rounded belly (at least that is how they started). Then they went from back to front. The thing I remember most was that they were like nothing I had ever felt- even in the beginning when they weren't that bad. Infact, I sent DH off to a bachellor party :) What does it feel like when the baby comes out... I have used the a___logy :Like someone squirting lighter fluid around the v____al opening and lighting it on fire. At least for me, it hurrt THAT much. But it WAS WORTH EVERY BIT OF PAIN!



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