What Does A Contraction Feel Like

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Diahanna - December 7

I'm really not sure because i'm 36 weeks and I could have had them or I could be feeling them but I don't know what they feel like. I thought it was like menstural cramps but worse. Can anyone help please?


Stephanie - December 7

at first they do feel kinda like cramps.....but then it gets much worse....almost unable to describe what it feels like. I just had my baby on September 26th and I would ask everyone what they felt like and the couldn't really tell me.....now i know why...to me it kinda felt like i had to take the biggest poop in my whole life and that pain wouldn't go away and also kinda like the worst period cramps you have ever had all at once.....


Ashley - December 10

i keep asking everyone the same thing cause ive been to the hospital for preterm labor and they moniter on me when im in there and they tell me i was having contractions but i couldnt feel them so that kinda scares me cause im 36 weeks. but i know someone who didnt feel her contractions till the doc broke there water she went in with back pains and found out she was dialted to a 6


Tami - December 11

I had back labor, so it was just like horrible lower back pain that was almost unbearable. Kind of like cramping in your back maybe? I don't know how to describe it! Stephanie-my baby was born on September 27! Oh, the poop thing is a good way to describe it I guess.


impatientMamma - December 12

...a menstral cramp that comes and goes.


Stephanie - December 12

Tami, cool....our babies almost have the same birthdays! lol....yeah they hurt me so bad, I couldn't get up to use the bathroom. I just peed and pooped wherever I was! I didn't care one bit!!!


anonamous - December 13

With my son i had HORRIBLE backlabor. Ive decribed it as someone punching their arm through my back, grabbing my spine and trying to rip it out. Please dont get scared though, i was told that it was because of the way he was positioned and it was not normal. My daughter was much better. With her it was like really bad cramps or gas pains



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