What Does It Mean To Strip The Membranes

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LaceyStep - January 14

I am 37 weeks, 5 days with my second baby. I was induced with my first and really want to go into labor naturally this time around, but I am SO uncomfortable and don't know how much longer I can deal with this pregnancy. I have recently heard about stripping the membranes to help jump start labor. What exactly does this mean? How effective is it? How far along do you have to be?


Tammy276 - January 14

some doctors will do this anytime after 38 weeks. Other won't do it unless you are over your due date. Basically what they so is "sweep" their finger between your cervix and your bag of waters, detaching the bag of waters which releases hormones...If your body is ready for labour, it could send you into labor within hours....if your body is not ready for labour, it simply won't work. Some woman say it is painful, but I think it is just a bit uncomfortable... If it is something you would like to consider, discuss it with your doctor because really, every doctor is different when it comes to when they will do this.


Tammy276 - January 14

oh,and good luck!!


treyna - January 15

I am over due by three days and have had my membranes stiped three day ago on my due date. Before my doctor did the procedure I was 4 centermeters and 80% effaced and Needless to say I am still prengnant. But for every women it is different. I think it's worth the try the only thing that will happen is that it won't work.


Lala - January 15

I had mine stripped on Wednesday morning. The only thing that happed was I lost my mucus plug the next evening. I'll get checked again (and probably stipped again) on Wednesday. If it's going to work, it'll work within 2 days. Obviously mine didn't really work. However, I'm hoping that loosing my plug means that I'm dialating more.



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