What Does Your Mucous Plug Look Like

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Corrine321 - May 18

Well yesterday when i went to the bathroom I had this discharge that i never got before.. It was clear, stringy, and very gooey and sticky! I heard that you have to have a "bloody show" or "pink tinged" to it.. and thats to not what i got.. is it supposed to be bloody or pink tinge to it? and what that my mucous plug that passed or not?


Corrine321 - May 18

oh and by the way im 35 weeks and 3 days! and im already 2 1/2 cm dilated.. if this helps at all...


BabySage - May 19

Its not always tinged with blood. so it may have been your mucous plug (show)...You could always check with your doctor if you are unsure but that is what it sounds like to me.


angelbebe - May 19

Mine was like that, no tinge...it was more yellowish. That is normal. Everyone is different. Mine was more like little globs that have come out over several days. That sounds like what you are having especially if you are already dialating. I started loosing my plug at 35 weeks...I'm now 38 weeks and 3 days.


Corrine321 - May 20

Yeah before this I had a little of a yelloish discharge that was sticky and kind of like the discharge i got a couple days ago.. but do you still think its my mucous plug?


ChannY - May 21

It's hard to say, you should have show it to your mum because she might have known...I know it's disgusting to show it to her but she would know..anyway, for me, it was like..brownish/pink stuff ewww i dont wanna go there..


Corrine321 - May 21

Well channy, I told my mom what it was like when it was clear,stringy, gooey,sticky.. she said that sounds like my mucus plug! cause im already dilating and effaced!


ChannY - May 21

:) aww, not long til your darling comes!!! aww omg i missed being pregnant and delivering my dd:( youre lucky youre still carrying!! only wishes its me! hehe. aww well babys getting ready!


prcdtexanncali - May 28

i was wondering the same thing. i am 36 weeks and have been having contractions for a while. just today i noticed "gloopy" stuff instead of the normal discharge...yuck! anyway, i dont know what it is. may just be discharge who knows. i dont go back to doc until wed and dont wanna call and ask stuff when it can wait. any ideas to if this is part of the plug????


ashley - May 29

im 32 weeks pregnant and yesterday and today I have been wiping a yellow goo. Not a huge blob but enough to see on toilet paper. It feels thick and sticky and almost sorta stretchy... Should i be worried?


krista-lee - June 1

i noticed i didnt answer the question! so sorry! lol, well i looked up a few labor starters, and the best ones are s_x, walking, nipple stimulation, castor oil, pineapple and raspberry leaf tea. none of them prove to help but lots of women sware by them : ]


krista-lee - June 1

oops sorry! i ment to post those in your "ways to jump start labor" thread : )


Jodi - June 2

I lost mine over a 6 week period. It would come out in small chunks and it was globby/slimy. Ashley I wouldn't worry about it too much. I asked my doctor when I was losing mine and she said losing your mucous plug is not an indicator at all of when you will go into labor. Mine was just an off white/yellow/gray color for the first 5 weeks or so and then the week right before I went into labor it was pink/red tinged. I wouldn't however worry yourself. I did end up having my son at 35 weeks, but he was perfectly healthy and weighed 6lbs 1oz, big for a premature baby, that's what the doc said anyway. Good luck!



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