What Helps You Go Into Labor

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jrwsangel - September 20

I am 37 weeks pregnant and i am so ready to have this baby. I ahve contractions ever ten min. every day. Yesterday i went to the hospital because they wanted to check me. I am not dialating at all.... What will help me to go into labor?


NewPage - September 22

I think the only thing seriously proven to help you go into labor is being medically induced. Sorry, everyone has heard the stories on castor oil, walking, bumpy car rides, s_x, pineapple, brown sugar drinks, raspberry root tea or whatever it is, there are tons... I think in the end these all just keep you busy and occupied driving around shopping for ingredients making you sick and waiting through each one to see if it will work, after you have tried them all your body may just be ready for labor but not because of the c___p you just put it through, because there are just way too many home remidies to try. I say just sit around, and enjoy the quiet time you have left before the new baby gets there. Then again, I don't have to worry about it as I'm getting induced due to high blood pressure, if I didnt know an exact date when this misery would be over I would probably have tried them all by now... good luck!!!


Allisonc79 - September 22

I went into labor 3 days past my due date, and it was natural. I would say let your baby come naturally b/c you want her as healthy as can be when she is born. You don't want to bring home a frail newborn. It is already intimidating enough they are so helpless and small. You want to make sure they are healthy and eating, gaining weight etc with no jaundice. Early babies have trouble with all those things and it will put more stress on you later. Enjoy the sleep you have now too, b/c when you bring her home you'll get 4 hrs at the most. They like to wake up every couple of hours. So I would enjoy the sleep. But honestly I think what put me in labor was just progressing getting more thinned out and dialating. I did move the night before and climbed up and down stairs. Who knows maybe lots of walking around, light exercise will give you a head start when your due date hits, I don't think it would do anything now for you.


mamasbliss - October 2

I went into labor after using Laborboost labor cream. My midwife recommended it. I was in labor the next morning after use. My sister in law used it also had had the same great results. It smells good and made my skin feel soft too. Much better than castor oil.


kendall - October 6

I went into labor the day before my scheduled c-section by vacc_mming and mopping while holding my then 14 month old daughter. Be somewhat active walk, clean, get the new babies things in order. It will happen when you are ready, I went into labor with my daughter 11 days early and was in labor for 29.5 hrs before they decided to do a c-section. My son was 6 days early, I was in labor with him for about 3.5 hrs before I went to the hospital and when I got there I was 5cm, then rushed for emergency c/s. I also wanted my babies out, I was so uncomfortable, I was on short term disability with my son cause he was blocking air from getting into my lower lungs...Good luck


Krissy25 - October 7

I had been very active on the day my water broke and i went into labor. I took a walk and then i went swimming and my water broke while i was doing laundry. I squated down to pick a sock up off the floor and pop. I have no idea if any of these things put me into labor. The squating down definetly broke my water but i asked a nurse about it and she said that it was probably ready to break at any time.


autumnsmommy - October 20

In the maternity ward they recommend walking. My mom and sister both walked into labor with thier kids.


amyh - November 7

From the midwives in Switzerland.... s_x, walking, bath, cinnamon spice tea 3-4 times a day, something warm on the belly...


BiancaM - November 8

Let's see! I had my baby at 37w 3d. I had s_x about twice a day and walked like 2-4 miles everyday until it hurt. I took evening primrose oil v____ally 500mg twice a day and I made my husband check my cervix and stretch it out a little... make sure to wash your hands very well or your husbands if you prefer he do it.


pixiemama - November 12

I used acupressure to enduce my labor. It is safe, natural, and quick. We found a downloadable book and used the tecniques in it to "get it out!" It was at maternityacupressure.com. Hope this helps you as much as it helped me.



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