What If I Don T Know When The Time Comes

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Ashley86 - September 27

I know this is silly to say but what if I don't know when I go into labor? I have been having BH since about 23 wks and I'm 31 wks 2 days right now and I still get them but I never know the frequency just that I get them quite a few times a day...I've had a pretty painless pregnancy...nothing majorly painful. I'm so worried that I won't know when I am going into labor! I know that's silly but I have heard some people they they didn't even have contractions in their first pregnancy or at least didn't feel them and I have what I'd think is a high pain tolerance. Is this an unneeded fear? I just...ugh...I dunno I'm guess it's stupid...but does anyone else worry about this? Is it justified? I know I have a while before I really need to really even worry about going into labor. I'm not scared of labor because I know it's inevidible and the pain will be worth it. I do doubt though that I'll go au natural...I am planning on having an epidural. I may let it progress on it's own and see if I can handle it before getting the epidural...but I have a feeling I will opt in for the epidural if I can't handle it.


sarah21 - September 28

Your intuition will kick in and you will realize that something is going on. Your water will break and you'll notice the fluid. And even if you have a high pain tolerance you'll be able to feel more consistent tightening as your uterus contracts. You may have to hurry to get to the hospital, but just try and pay attention to what's going on and you'll be fine.


emfine99 - September 29

My cousin had that problem with her first, she had BH contractions all the time and was at the hospital all the time for false labor, she ended up having to be induced. I think you will be fine. I don't know what to expect, but when it's time, I think your body tells you that it's time!


Frances - October 1

Trust me, when it's the real thing you'll know! With my first there was no mistaking real labor contractions for BH contractions and with my second my water broke before I ever had any contractions. I did get some of the other warning signs, I was really snarly the day or two before my water broke, I absolutely HAD to scrub all my linoleum on my hands and knees, I had bloody show the day my water broke and I had lost my mucus plug about two weeks before my son was born. My biggest early sign of impending labor was that I just wasn't feeling like myself. I just felt weird and not right. Hope that helps!


tori205 - October 3

i have an 8 year old and from my recollection, each time i had the contraction, i doubled over and had to hold onto something...my contractions started in the middle of the night so i was feeling a bit of pain but by the time i woke up in the morning, the contractions were more frequent and stronger...i too have hi tolerance for pain.... from what i remember, i smiled thru those painful contractions cuz i knew the end result..i had a beautiful baby girl! :)...currently, im 39 weeks pregnant with a boy and having a looooooot of irregular contractions but nothing that makes me double over...good luck!


cattac - October 8

Hi, you will know! I know everyone probably says that but oh my it's true! I've already had two- one almost 3 one almost 1 and due in March...I also have a ton of BH contractions. Maybe at the beginning in early labor the contractions may feel similar to BH but once labor gets going you will know. I too thought I had a high pain tolerance. I did have an epidural with both but also opted to go as long as possible without one and ended up getting the epidural (I just asked my dr what their records said with my first)...with my first 8 or 8 1/2 and with my second around 7 1/2 cm. This is what I will tell you and a nurse told me with my second because I had called in the hospital about coming in because I thought I was in labor (which I was)...she said when I'm having trouble breathing through them and the contractions are somewhat consistent timewise (5 or less minutes apart) then you come in. You will know when you have trouble breathing through them...at least I did. Even before that you will notice when you start getting really uncomfortable contractions and they're coming ever 5 or less minutes. Then when they get so painful you have to concentrate on breathing...you will know by this time that you're in labor. Just my thoughts. It's not bad and like you said it's all worth it! Basically if you need to concentrate on breathing...start timing and call the doc!


Allisonc79 - October 9

When the pain from labor hits you will know the difference between it and other normal pains of pregnancy. The crampy feeling woke me up at 3 am and I was so sure I woke up hubby, my mom, and the doc on call. Just don't put off going to the hospital for too long, the pain can get intense quick.


Allisonc79 - October 9

put in perspective when the contractions are painful and come and go pretty regularly your in labor. I would have a tightening feeling with BH that didn't really hurt. Real ones feel more like cramps which will feel like a burning ache in your lower pelvic region. Another way to describe it is clinch your fist as tight as you can and let go. That ache is similar but alot worse of course.



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