What Is Back Labor

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lil - December 15

what is the difference between labor and back labor----please tell there is not something worse than labor!


lil - December 17

anybody? i know it might be stupid question but i'd like to kno


agtemt - December 17

I had back labor with both my sone and dayghter. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like someone punched through my lower back grabbed ahold of my spine and tried to rip it out of my back. Because of the way the baby was positioned everytime i had a contraction the babys head would pushon my spinal cord. But thanks to an epidural i didnt have to feel it for the entire labor. I've never haqd regular labor so i dont know if this is worse or not but it was pretty bad. Thankfully for you the doctors told me that this is not normal.


lil - December 18

ooo god that sounds horrible did epiderl work how do you kno befor or you just find out at labor? i really don't think i can handle that.


kelli - December 18

Back labor I didn't think was all that bad. I mean I had a constant back pain from 7 months prego on. I couldn't drive sometimes or even sit up when someone else drove. The one thing I didn't like about it was that I didn't know when I went into labor because I couldn't feel any contractions because it was all the same feeling. So I went into my doctors appoinment the day after my due date and walked right in sat on the table and my doctor looked at me with the weirdest look and said you are dialated to a 5 you need to get to the hospital. Well after them breaking my water giving me pitocin and then going to 7 cent. I still couldn't feel any difference. So that is my outlook on how it is kinda nice. don't get me wrong it hurts like hell. We will see if I have it this time I am due on christmas day and so far no back pain! good luck to everyone.


lo - December 18

i agree totally w/agtemt. i had back labor for 22 hours, 16 hours of that was w/the epidural and that really helped. this is my first, so i can't say what labor feels like.


agtemt - December 18

The epidural was a God send. I was sooo grateful for it. I didnt have any really bad back pain during the pregnancy..sure i hadsome but with all the xtra weight.....I did however have hip pain with both pregnancies. But i dont think that they are related. I had no clue untill labor started that it was going to be back labor though. I was however aware that it was a possibity with my second......i had already gone through it with my first. Im pregnant with my thired and i fully intend to get an epidural with this one too.


:( - December 20

back labor is PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN, but the epidural does help.


Channy - December 23

Ugh I had really really bad back labor and it hurts like a b___h id tell you. its like a thousand of knives stabbing through your back many times. Thanks god for the epidural as i couldnt feel any!



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