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whats this? - August 29

I have had 4 kids my last two where induced my youngest is 16 months and the next youngest is 81/2 I have never been in so much pain I have pain in my growing area especially after waking up the doctor sais baby's head is down but not lowered in my pelvis and he is actually not sure what it is from, I am slightly over weight but I weigh less now then I did with my other kids I can't seem to put my legs up or walk with out it hurting to the point I need help from my kids, is this normal I am 38 weeks


rae - August 31

hi 36 weeks and the same pain. Third child, the doc and it was normal for someone with three or more kids


Merrissa - August 31

I had the same pain start at 28 weeks!! I could not stand it. I had hurt my back at work and about 1 week after I started having the pain. I went to the chiropractor and after about 2 visits it was completely gone!! I was so thankful because I would not have been able to handle that pain my whole pregnancy


Monica - August 31

with each birth you've givin your body becomes extra sensitive.. thats why you havent experience it before your youngest child is not yet 2 yrs. old so your really sensitive jus lay off the feet and continue wit gettin help wit the kids and evry doc apt complain like hell.. go into the doc office wobbling and complain of not being able to care for other liittle ones without a__sistance..if doc is as sensative as you are hopefully he'll schedule you for induction.. oh and cry when he checks your cervix so he'll feel simpathy and good luck because your full term and sometimes they do it at 38 wks my doc did me at 38.4 wks and baby weighed 7.9lbs


kim - September 1

I don't know if it is normal or not but, with my second I thought I would really die before I had him. For 3 weeks before I finally was induced, I could barely walk because of the pelvic pressure. No position seem to releive it. My babies head wasn't in the birth ca___l either. I had an excessive amount of fluid, and even though my Dr. didn' say this I beleive all the extra water caused my pain.


Jessi - September 2

Hi I'm 36 weeks with my first child and I've noticed something similar within the past couple of days. They have stopped my labor a few times already because my doctor refuses to deliver my baby before I'm 38 weeks. And now it hurts to walk, I take slow baby steps and I'm still extremely uncomfortable. Whenever I am sitting down, I need help getting up, but can't stand to get up. Or if I need to readjust how I'm sitting it takes forever because I can't stand the pain. I'm not sure if my baby has dropped into place yet or not.



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