What Options For Pain Medications Are There During Labor

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cherryzz08 - August 20

This is my first baby. I'm not sure exactly what my options are for the different medications. I am 32 weeks 3 days, I just want to make sure I'm ready for what is coming. If anyone can help out a new Mommy to be that would be great. Thanks


schreck - August 20

I got nu bane. I had as a shot since I didn't have an IV. You can get it straight into an IV though. I know of 2 other women that have used it during labor and loved it. One said that by the time the nurse got to the end of the bed after giving it to her she felt drunk. The other was able to fall asleep and sleep during contractions.


JNFR614 - August 20

Hi Cherry & congrats! You can always get the obvious- an epidural, or nu bane, or demerol. You should join our October mommies thread in the third tri board- there are a few ladies over there that have already had babies & would be more than happy to give you their opinions. I am prego w/ my 2nd, but did not recieve any pain meds the 1st time around- I have been researching epidurals & considering it if need be.


E586467 - August 20

Have you thought about a birth plan? Depending on what you want to achieve during your labour (apart from the obvious) you have different choices both natural & artificial. In the way of natural I found water(shower or bath) a HUGE form of pain relief, you can also use ma__sage & a TENS machine is great for helping to block the pain signal to the brain. If you want to go artificial you have the option of gas, pethidine or an epidural (depending on your country these might be called by different names, & you may also have other alternatives). I suggest you talk with your doctor or midwife as to the pros & cons regarding your different choices, as some of these drugs cross the placenta (pethidine) & can cause problems for the baby. For my first I had gas & pethidine which put my daughter to sleep, slowed down my labour & caused her heartrate to drop quite low. With my second I decided against artificial pain meds & had a completely natural water birth, which to me was soooo much better then the first time around. Anyway whatever you decide, make sure you know the ins & outs of any side affects & good luck, I hope everything goes well for you.


alirenee86 - August 21

I think this question, though it's great to have input of course from those of us who have already been there, depends almost entirely on how YOU are. How is your threshold for pain? How was your mother's labor(s) (short or long), how is your pregnancy going? I knew for instance that I wanted to try to tough it out without an epi for my own reasons I was just scared to get one. I had no problem getting a shot of Demerol when I got to the hospital and it did NOTHING from all of my adrenaline except make me want to sleep for the seconds in between my contractions. I guess you could say it took the edge off a tad bit. But that was it. I had a fast and furious delivery though and did scream for an epi immediately before I was ready to push and then it was too late for one, but I was SO glad I did it without one. I wanted to know so badly before the delivery what my other pain medications options were and pretty much came to the conclusion that it's an epi or nothing in terms of either completely blocking the pain out entirely or just getting through it quickly. If there are no anticipated problems, I believe that no epi has everything to do with a very fast delivery, though I'm sure that's not always the case. All I can say is, when it comes, it comes and I don't think you can totally be ready!! Just keep an open mind, go with what you think you'll want at the time, and know that your should be doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing. Just know that the contractions are SUPPOSED to hurt like mad. Best of luck to you and congrats on your first!


Cat24 - September 15

cherru i can't recommend the use of a birthing pool enough! i had a very painful back labour as she was lying against my spine. when i used the birthing pool i went from 2cm to 10cm in the space of 3 hours and she was my first baby. the water just soothed me so much and helped me relax more and focus on helping the baby feel relaxed. it was brilliant because i managed to have her not using any other form of pain relief and she stayed calm throughout it all. they tend to not let you give birth in the birthing pool if its a first baby though which dissapointed me a bit, but second baby i will be! best of luck!


cherryzz08 - September 23

I would love to use a birthing pool. But the hospital I am delivering at Does not even have a tub!! So I am out of luck there. But also when I take baths at home, then go to bed, I end up getting terrible back and hip pains. I did just find out Im 3 cm and my cervix is very low and thin, so maybe the tub was what did it. Because 2 weeks ago I was not dilated at all and my cervix was high.



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