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anonymous - January 24

If you're in labor, does your water break first, or do you have your contractions first? Do you start to dialate before your contractions start? And what is a mucus plug?


Christine - January 24

The mucus plug normally comes first, but not always...it is a mixture of mucas/sometimes blood (tinged) that plugs up the cervical opening to keep the baby safe from infections and such..with contractions and dialation...either could come first...some woman dialate without any contraction/pain...at least up to a certain point..some woman have very strong contractions before any dialation occurs...it depends on the woman and the pregnancy..they are all really different...your water breaking is the same it could go right before you start contractions/or while your pushing...its strange..with my first they ended up breaking my water while checking for dialation...with my second my water broke as I was pushing her out..that was really weird..it was lock a popping sensation...anyway good luck...I'm sure all will go fine


anonymous - January 24

Thank you so very much. I was incredibly confused, but now it is all cleared up.


anonymous - January 24

Back again. I was wondering, how can you tell the difference between Braxton Hicks and real contractions? Thanks in advance.


Christine - January 25

Braxton Hicks contractions dont usually come on regular basis (like every 5-10 min apart) they come sporadically, when they feel like it and usually less than 4 times an hour...real labor normally starts out light feeling like braxton hicks, but will almost always become very regular(and more painful)...anytime you have more than 4-5 contractions in one hours time you should call your doc and let them know...good luck


m - January 25

Honey you'll know if there real contractions when you start to get uncomfortable and everyone is different on if the water breaks first or the contractions come first. And contractions are you dialating thats what contractions do is dialate your cervix. hope this helps


anonymous - January 26

Thank you so, so, so much. God bless all of you.


Ashley - February 28

Nothing ever happens in the same order for everyone and for every pregnancy for that matter. One thing to remember though that I haven't seen posted is when you lose your mucus plug (that's considering if you even lose it before labor begins) you should only take showers. Since the plug is what keeps baby safe from bacteria taking a bath could introduce organisms into the cervix while soaking in the water. Good luck, oh yeah I lost my mucus plug today and I'm due in 2 days, THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!!


Margo - March 13

Can I still get pregnant even if my mucus is thick.



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