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KU - September 3

I was due aug 31st, i've been dilated for a month, i'm at 3 cms right now. Ive been effaced for 3 weeks, i'm over 90% now. Where is this child??? Also these last few days...sure sleep has always been uncomfortable, but it's been a lil painful, like when i wake up, that side hurts. I've done the walking bit, but frankly i'm tired of it! What do ya'll think is the deal?


KU - September 3

I hope my concerns don't go unanswered here


lol - September 3

well at least ur part of the way there. I am goin on my third and i've never been dialated until labor started. It'll probably be soon. I was due either yesterday or today and the only good news i've gotten is that the baby is dropped and a little bit of a sore back.


nelly - September 3

I was in false labor all day Tuesday the 12th and I was not effaced and dilated to a 2. I lost my plug that Thursday and was dilated to a 3 and 50% effaced. Friday night around midnight I started having contractions 3 and 4 an hour but the timing was not consistent at all. That next day the16th I was still having them not but consistently I decided to call the hospital and ask what to do because they were very unreglular but getting a little painful. I went and I dilated to a 4 and my contractions were getting more intense but they sent me home and said it was false. I went home and the contractions were every 10mins for 3 hours then every 6mins for an hour then every 2mins I could not walk the pain was so excruating. I got there and I was a 7 and that was at 10:30 and I had my daughter naturally at 1:34am the 17th. If I had waited I would of had her at home. You'll know when its happening. Hopefully your doctors will listen to you and treat you better than mine did. Lots of luck.


jennifer - September 5

my friend was 3 cm for two months and 5 cm for over a week....you're not the only one...dont worry



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