What S So Bad About Induction

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Melissa30 - January 12

Why is it that when women talk about having to be induced they act like it is a terrible thing? What is so bad about Picotin? I have never had to be induced so I have no experience with it?


Melissa30 - January 12

I meant pitocin.


cindernar - January 12

Honestly, I don't see the big deal either. I was induced and everything was fine. I guess there is a risk that the baby will not be quite ready to come out, but if you've gotten to 39-40 weeks, I don't see why it's such a big deal. That being said, I'll probably try to go into labor naturally this time, just because I feel like it. It's not because I have a problem being induced.


tubbybear70 - January 12

I was induced twice with pitocin....The first time wasn't bad at all...Went in to the hospital at 8 AM, got hooked up to the pit and at 8:30 dr broke my water - had some minor contractions for about 2 hours and then really hard labor for two more and had my baby girl at 12:30 PM....With induction #2, DIFFERENT STORY! I dont know if it was the DR or what, but it totally SUCKED. I went in to the hospital at 8:30 p.m. to have cytotec inserted to make cervix thin...well, that started me having contractions right away and I dilated to 3 and then quit. The nurse couldn't reach to break my water, so I laid all night having contractions that did nothing for me, Dr showed up around 8 the next morning to start me on the pit and didn't break my water until I was 5 CM and that was like 1:15 p.m. After he broke my water, I dilated to 10 and had her out by 2:14....Yeah, WOW. I don't know if the labor was worse because I was so tired from being up all night with contractions, but it was freaking awful. I was beggin for someone to shoot me!! Pitocin just makes you have very hard contractions and they can turn it up or down to make them harder or softer.....I had my first one without having to be induced and she was a breeze......I guess if you have a labor without the pit and with the pit, you can definately tell a difference, or at least I did. I am hoping I dont have to have it this time around......!! Good Luck!


lenae - January 12

I don't like it because it makes the contractions much harder and they came faster than they would have otherwise for me. They were also more painful. I think that is why many women don't like it. Also it can increase your chances of having a c-section apparently.


Tammy276 - January 12

pitocin makes your contractions harder and they come faster......Mine were super hard and I had about a 20 second break in between them...so this time around I am hoping to go naturally!!


lilnikki_0384 - January 12

I need advice on the same subject. This is my first and I am 37 wks. I have no transportation of my own, I am home all day with my sisters' 6 yr old(when not in school) and a 3 yr old she works by the hospital. The hospital is 1hr 15min away. I am thinking about asking to be induced, because I am stressing about going into labor and not having anyone to get me there. I have friends that live real close but not sure if they will be available if something happens. What do you guys think? I want to do it natural but I think it will be better to be induced, due to my living circ_mstances right now. Thanks in advance!


lexa - January 13

I was induced both times I was pregnant! For some reason, my cervix wouldn't soften, so I had to go in for Cervadil, which I would get mild contractions on, then Pitocin to bring the contractions on harder. It is true that they hurt more on Pitocin. A natural labor works up in dialation, where Pitocin will take you straight to hard core labor. There are 3 stages of labor and Pitocing skips the first two, taking you straight to the last. You just didn't get to work up to it, thats all. I personally liked it better that way. It was much quicker for me. However, that is not the case for everyone! Being induced is not a bad thing and sometimes is medically necessary. I wouldn't do it just to do it though!


maryl14 - January 13

i've had 3 babies and the first one was hell they induced me a 9:00am due to a very high leak and decreased fetal movement the epi didnt' work and i just would dilate even with the picotin until 13 hours later which i had been in labor at home for 4 days prior so i was in alot of pain and i torn 4 inches even after they cut me; my second didn't need any picotin and my water broke at 7 am delivered at 11:27 pm that one was a cake walk and i didnt' tear or need to be cut my 3 no picotin and contractions started at 12:30am and dilated alot quicker and had me son a 7:16 that morning and didn't have as much pain but they started picotin after i delivered because my contractions were so close that it was basically not relaxing so i wasn't expelling all the stuff (i stopped bleeding as soon as he was out) and that was the worst part of it all was afterwads with the pitocin good luck


Tammy276 - January 13

lilnikki if you are thinking you want to be induced, discuss it with your doctor.....a lot of doctors won't induce you unless you are already starting to dialate and efface, otherwise the induction may not work.. Dialation and effacement is a sign that your body is ready for labor. If you live that far away and it is your first baby, chances are you will have plenty of time to get to the hospital. I would just go right away and don't wait around for your contractions to be 5 mins. apart...Also, if you needed and there was noone to bring you to the hospital, you can always call for an ambulance.


C - January 13

I was induced an my labor was terrible. I've never had a baby without being induced so I can't really say for sure it was because of the induction that it was so hard.


AmyJenell - January 15

I had my third child last monday. I was induced with him just like my last pregnancy. My first child was natural (no induction) and the last two were by induction. It wasn't any better or worse. Labor isn't fun any way you do it. I was 39 weeks with both inductions. The contractions with or without pitocin hurt, the pitocin just makes them more regular. Either way the end result is well worth the pain. Don't let people scare you....inductions aren't terrible. Labor hurts no matter what. Don't be scared...it is so worth it! Good luck to you!


sahmof3 - January 16

If your induction works it will be ok, if it doesn't it will not be fun! I was induced at 41 weeks, 6 days and it wasn't a good thing for me. I didn't have ctxns for 12 hours, what a had was ONE continuous ctxn for that long with no break. It felt like someone was trying to squeeze my insides out and rupture every blood vessel in my head (from straining). At one point in the last few hours I began to feel the need to push, so I called a nurse... I was 1/2 cm!, but I was pushing and couldn't hold it back. The nurse actually begged me to get an epi so as not to hurt myself, because I couldn't stop pushing. I had actually wanted the epi long before but was in too much pain to even speak to ask for it. After my epi it was heaven lol and I eventually had an emergency c-section not too long after. I agree with Tammy276, though... I've seen on here now that most docs won't induce unless you are somewhat dilated and effaced on your own. I was 0cm when they started and only made it to 1/2cm 12 hours after the induction began and never effaced. 6 1/2 years ago I guess they didn't wait for that! It wouldn't have worked for me even if they had waited, however, as I later found out on my 20 week u/s w/ baby #2 that I have scarring of the cervix from D&C for a m/c and can't dilate. So, that's why some people describe it as horrible, because it truly brings on horrendous ctxns and leads to failure to progress for some women, but for others it speeds them up and helps a lot. My friend has had 4 boys... first three completely natural, but induced for the 4th... she found the induced one to be really bad and got an epi, so for some it really makes a difference from a natural labor.


kaybee123 - January 17

I don't know what the big deal is. I had to have it with my first two because my contractions were not strong enough to make me dilate. It brings your contractions faster and stronger. I'm 38 weeks now and if I was offered pitocin right now I'd jump at it. I'm 2 cm dilated and have been that way since the 5th.


Kena - January 21

I was induced with my second child Dec. 28th. My water broke naturally with my first child and I had natural childbirth. This time around my water was broken by my doctor at 12:05pm and at 1:52pm she was born. The contractions with pitocin are much worst that when you go into labor naturally. Contractions with pitocin are harder and come much closer together. I did it natural this time too but that almost 2 hours of hard contractions was way worst than 8 hours of natural contractions. If you are induced you may want to consider an epidural.


KarenCT - January 23

My 2nd & 3rd were inductions - the last labour was only 4hrs from beginning to end - what a pleasure - I hope the 4th will also be induced. BUT I do have epidurals with every induction !!! ie No pain what so ever !



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