What To Pack

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Heather - July 11

Can someone with experience please tell me what I will actually need to pack for my stay at the hospital?


Cindi - July 11

I didnt have time to pack a bag with my first! LOL I do remember sending my family home to get the basic toiletry stuff, like a toothbrush/paste, hairbrush, deoderant, my soap! LOL I had planned on bringing a nightgown or something that b___toned so that I could b___stfeed, but I ended up just using the hospital gowns. You just bleed too much and will ruin whatever you wear. This time tho, I think I'll just get some icky granny looking thing that I wont care about, just for the comfort fact, and the peace of mind knowing that my b___t's not hanging out the back! Bring the outfit you want to bring baby home in, lil socks, a hat if you want. You'll want something to wear home, but don't pack those pre-pregnancy jeans! I just bought some workout type stretchy pants to wear home, so I don't hafta wear the maternity pants anymore. Going by my experience, you won't feel like getting glammed up to go home anyway. At that point, I would have gone home in the gown. LOL OH YEAH! Bring change for the vending machines :P And something for whoever will be with you to munch on while you are in labor. Maybe something to read if you stay awake until its time to go push. :D I'm sure tons of people will add to my little list, this was just what I could think of off the top of my head. I should probably get some laundry done and pack MY bag... My due date is TOMORROW! LOL


Katharine - July 12

When someone asked this question a few months ago, I listed like three things. Now, two weeks before DD, my bag is getting fuller by the minute! Some other things I have in my bag, beyond what cindi said--for labor-chapstick, hair tie, mouth wash, life savers, tank top with built-in bra to wear under hospital gown, REM cd to relax (ahhhh...Michael). Last time, I took two bags just for labor and never even opened them. This time, the doula is bringing all the rest of the stuff for labor. For immediately after-babybook for footprints (I almost forgot to get one for the second baby, until I saw it mentioned on here!!!) and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the birth. Other stuff-toiletries, nursing gown (not necessary, though, just for when guest come), a robe, phone #s, slippers, outfit for going home (loose sundress in my case), some of my own super-duper pads and b___st pads/nipple cream. For baby-an outfit for going home, nail clippers and the car seat in the car. That's all I can think of.


miranda - July 12

All hospitals are different, so you may want to see if they have some sort of check list to pack from. For me, I packed a ton of stuff and all I really needed was underwear, nursing bra, carseat, clothes for the baby to wear home, (I just wore the same clothes home, but you might want to take extras if you go in pjs or if your water breaks) a baby blanket, and toiletries. It's also good to have a list of phone numbers and the name and number of your pediatrician. I also had a separate bag for labor in which I had cd's, a pillow, card games, and reminder papers from lamaze. Don't wear your own nightgowns. You will be a mess. Hope this helps!



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