Whats The Difference Between Contractions And Cramps

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Kimberly - August 27

I took castor oil at 6:00pm it is now 8:45pm and I have gone to the bathroom once kinda feel like I have the stomach flu other then that nothing really does this mean it's not going to work? Also I haven't had any BH contractions so I don't know what to look for any suggestions? Just want someone to talk too ;)


LueAnna - August 30

It could just be that the castor oil is upseting your stomach (it is kinda gross) but I never had castor oil work for me or any of my friends. Labor for me has always involved feeling kinda funny and restless at first, than a dull backache that spreads to my stomach. Some people say it starts like menstrual cramping and gets worse for them. Sadly you may have to keep waiting, exactly where I am at also! Don't you wish there was a magic light that went on to say that you were done and could now go to the hospital!


Kimberly - August 30

no kidding I hate the waiting game it went from not sleeping from being uncomfortable to not sleeping cause I can't get the thought of Baby out of my head it's enough to drive a gilr batty I tell ya! ;)


Brittany - August 31

I'm 40 weeks plus 4 days and I tell you I'm about to lose it! I feel like I have the flu, you know that achy feeling your body gets? I'm so tired but I can't sleep. I can't stop thinking! I'm about to freak out. I haven't had a good nights sleep since I went pa__sed my due date. I've tried everything to "naturally" induce labor. I even tried running down the block(or rather waddling really fast) all that did was make my lungs burn. Right now I'm 1-2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. It's my first baby so i don't know what to expect! I've been having braxton hicks like crazy. I have a non stress test and an ultrasound on Thursday to see how baby is doing. If I don't have him by thursday there going to schedule an inducement. I wish they would just do it that day. I hate how they make you wait! Whats the point in having a f*****g due date?


Monique - August 31

Weve made it through this hot azz summer and everyday gets frustating dont worry baby be here soon thay castro oil must not of worked it doesnt for every one bit does make u feel like c___p so dont try it know mo cuz that little ones going to make his apperance soon if the doc ask you to come in to get induce and she say how about monday then you say well what about this friday so theyll know your tired and u want the baby out right away... good luck



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