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Jill - December 17

I'm due on Christmas day but have been having contractions off and on for a few weeks. Today Dr. said I'm 4cm's dilated and last week I was 3cm and 50-60%effaced. He thought I would have had him by now he said. He stretched my cervix he said and now I'm awfully crampy like PMS. Any clue when? I was also wondering if stretching and stripping are the same thing?


KM - December 17

im not sure if stretching and stripping are the same thing. but if you are at 4 cms and having contractions you must be close...I went in to get cervadil the morning before my schedueled induction and I went home only to have contractions, i went to get checked and i was 2 cms so they admitted me and broke my water because I guess I was in labout..so I would keep an eye on the cramps and contractions if the doctor did some sort of procedure to start preparing your cervix.If you are having a lot of pain and contractions, call or go to labour and delivery just to be sure.


Jill - December 17

I did call the dr's office 2 days ago because I was having what I knew to be back labor and it was making me sweat and shake. They told me at that time to go to the hospital and they wouldn't let me leave til I had my son b/c she said you have to be in labour to have back labour. Course I didn't go because after a few hours it stopped. Told the Dr. about the phone call and he said I would have still been in the hospital and he followed that with a "I can't induce you yet" I have one of those wham bam thank you maam dr's. In and out of the room in 2 minutes flat.


k - December 17

Believe me when labour starts ... i mean is truly into it you will know, it is like nothing you would have experienced before (painful) but if u have concerns go get checked by the hospital... if your doc isnt being helpful go straight to the hospital.


kerrie - December 20

hi im not sure were in the country u are , im in england , we can get a midwife to come and check us at home she can tell u wats going on and give u a swipe of the membrains it got me goin on my last pregnancy , it sounds like u are in labour but just moveing slow is this ya first baby cos i was in labour for 37 hours with my first so it can take a long time some women can be in labour for weeks with there first . good luck anyway and if i was u i would try to get a midfwie to call in on u at home



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